teed off

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tee off

1. To begin a game of golf by hitting the ball on the first hole. We tee off at 9 AM, so you should arrive at the golf course around 8:30. It was already nearing 90 degrees when we teed off, so we weren't sure if we would make it through all 18 holes.
2. By extension, to begin or mark the beginning of something; to kick something off. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "tee" and "off." They teed off the party with a game of musical chairs. Let's tee things off with some brainstorming exercises.
3. To make someone particularly annoyed, angry, or frustrated. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "tee" and "off." It really tees me off the way people drive in the bus lane, when they clearly aren't supposed to! Nothing teed my mom off more than having guests come into the house with dirty shoes.
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teed (off)

Exceptionally annoyed, angry, or frustrated. There's no use getting teed off about something that's out of your control! I was so teed by the end of the presentation that I had to just leave the conference room before I shouted at someone.
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teed off

Inf. angry. I'm not teed off! I'm enraged. I was so teed off I could have spit!
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teed off

mod. angry. I was so teed off I could have spit!
See also: off, tee
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On the third tee, we mistakenly teed off in the opposite direction of where we should have.
Thirty-eight days later, on Christmas Eve, 1955, Tup, Wendell and Bell teed off at the North Fulton County course, becoming the first blacks to legally play golf on a public facility in Atlanta.
He ran on to the practice green eating a breakfast cereal bar - then teed off against American Keegan Bradley without a warm-up.
Ramsay had a further 33 minutes to wait after Rock had teed off before confirmation at 2.
The top golf coach and captain of the 1979 European Ryder Cup team teed off from 66ft up, using his favourite 35-yearold wedge.
Overnight leader Phillip Archer has a good chance to continue his impressive form from yesterday and teed off in the afternoon session, making par on his first hole.
Golfers teed off to raise thousands of pounds for two Huddersfield men.
They teed off and the foursome was only 80 to 100 yards ahead.