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Technicolor yawn

n. vomit. (see also throw a Technicolor yawn. Technicolor is a protected trade name.) This horrible pizza will bring on a few Technicolor yawns if we serve it.
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throw a Technicolor yawn

tv. to vomit. (see also Technicolor yawn.) John stumbled into the living and threw a Technicolor yawn on the new carpet.
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On March 19, 2003, Operation Shock and Awe began with technicolored bombing that killed and maimed Iraqis.
His aesthetic does not shy from Technicolored romantic images, dappled with myriad, evocative moments, such as village store signs, flower boxes, rowboats tied up at a bridge.
But who can compete at panto time with an inspired dame, and Ian Wotherspoon is exactly that as the highly technicolored Maggie Celeste.
Decked out in technicolored overalls, tea bag earrings, a purple wig and oversized clown shoes, Elfie spreads infectious good humor throughout the Home.
A French creation based on a series of children's books, Barbapapa crossed the Channel for a spell in the 90s on the BBC when, after finding his soul companion Barbamama, he featured with seven technicolored children, namely Barbazoo, Barbalala, Barbalib, Barbabeau, Barbabelle, Barbabright and Barbabravo.
It's fitting that a San Francisco bar dedicated to classic cocktails -- not the technicolored vodka variations so popular today, but the real thing, culled from the saloons and bars of America's speakeasy and nightclub era of the Twenties and Thirties -- would use a quote from the city's most celebrated newspaperman and nightclubber to anchor their cocktail menu.
If the over-abundant new knowledge of the modern age is, let's say, a tornado, then Oz is the extraordinary, Technicolored new world in which it has landed us, the world from which -- life not being a movie -- there is no way home.