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tech up

1. To improve or upgrade the technology that one uses, especially in businesses or schools. The nonprofit has been teching up in order to improve its ability to connect with those in need more quickly and efficiently. I'm amazed at how much classrooms have teched up since I was a kid.
2. In real-time strategy games, to increase one's technological skills or capabilities in-game so as to give one access to upgraded units. The game starts you out with very basic resources, and you are given the ability to tech up as you gain experience and money.
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Someone who is exceptionally skilled with, knowledgeable of, or enthusiastic about technology, especially to the detriment of other skills or interests. Hey, Jim—I know you're a bit of a tech-nerd. Would you mind having a look at my computer and see if you can find out what's wrong with it? Look, no one but tech-nerds and industry analysts are going to care about the tiny upgrades they're making in the next model of phone. It's certainly not worth shelling out nearly $1,000 for one.
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n. a technically oriented, dull person, typically a male computer enthusiast. My brother, who is a tech-nerd, spends more than ten hours a day on his computer.
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"Since then, the Welsh Government has been proactively working to transform it into a hotbed of deep tech innovation."
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