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tear into (some place)

To enter some place extremely quickly. The kids tore into the house when their mother offered them some ice cream. The boss suddenly tore into the office in a huff, then left again just as quickly.
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tear into (someone or something)

1. To begin violently or aggressively eating something. I was so hungry that I tore into the cheap hamburger like it was the most delicious thing I'd ever eaten. I looked away when the wolves began to tear into their prey.
2. To criticize or reproach someone or something in a severe and merciless manner. The boss tore into me for how I bungled the Jefferson account. I can hear Mom tearing into Dad again about his gambling.
3. To physically attack someone or something very violently and aggressively. The two gangsters tore into the witness, beating him within an inch of his life. The soldiers began tearing into the enemy's defenses.
4. To attack one's opponent in a sporting contest with great and prolonged intensity. We were down by 20 points after the first half, but we tore into them for the entire second half and managed to win. They tore into the other team's defenses for three minutes while on their power play, but they didn't manage to score a goal in that time.
5. To undertake some task or activity with great energy, determination, or enthusiasm. I'm going to tear into my research paper this weekend. We were eager to start tearing into the new project.
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tear into someone or something

to attack someone or something; to attack someone or something with the intent of eating someone or something. The wolves tore into the hunter and injured him severely. The kids tore into the cake and ate it all.
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tear into someone

Fig. to scold someone severely; to attack someone with criticism. I was late, and the boss tore into me like a mad dog. I don't know why she tore into me. I was at work when the window was broken.
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tear into something

Fig. to begin eating food with gusto. The family tore into the mountain of food like they hadn't eaten since breakfastwhich was true, in fact. Jimmy tore into the turkey leg and cleaned it off in no time.
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tear into

To attack someone or something with great vigor or violence: The bear tore into the meat. The boxer tore into his opponent at the match.
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