tear away

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tear away

1. To quickly and forcefully pull or rip something away (from someone or something else). In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "away." Jill tore the note away from me when I started reading it out loud. We began tearing away the plaster from the wall to reveal a secret compartment containing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
2. To remove someone or oneself unwillingly from someone, something, or some place. In this usage, a name, noun, or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "away." I had to tear the kids away from the TV screen and make them go outside to play. We've only been dating for a couple of weeks, but we're having a hard time tearing ourselves away from one another. It was tough tearing myself away from the barbecue, but I had to catch the last bus to the airport.
3. To leave or depart very quickly. The car tore away as soon as the police officer began approaching it. The boy began tearing away from the school, trying to outrun the group of bullies in pursuit.
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tear (oneself) away (from someone or something)

Fig. to force oneself to leave someone or something. Do you think you can tear yourself away from your friends for dinner? I could hardly tear myself away from the concert.
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tear something away

 (from someone or something)
1. to peel something from someone or something. The paramedic tore the clothing away from the burn victim and began to treat the wounds immediately. She tore away the clothing from the victim. She tore the clothing away.
2. to quickly take something away from someone or something. I tore the firecracker away from the child and threw it in the lake. Liz tore away the cover from the book. She tore the wrapping paper away.
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tear away (from someone or something)

to leave someone or something, running. Dave tore away from Jill, leaving her to find her own way home. Roger tore away from the meeting, trying to make his train.
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tear away

Remove oneself unwillingly or reluctantly, as in I couldn't tear myself away from that painting. [Late 1700s]
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tear away

1. To remove someone or something by force: The mugger tore my bag away from me. The security guard tore away the passenger's knife.
2. To remove someone unwillingly or reluctantly: The book was so suspenseful that I couldn't tear myself away from it. We can't tear the children away from the video games, so we bought a system for the car.
3. To leave or drive off rapidly: When the stoplight turned green, the taxi tore away.
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References in classic literature ?
With that, Mrs Nickleby would draw up a chair, and for some three- quarters of an hour run through a great variety of distracting topics in the most distracting manner possible; tearing herself away, at length, on the plea that she must now go and amuse Nicholas while he took his supper.
"Adieu, then, till we meet again," said Valentine, tearing herself away. "I shall hear from you?"
The actress also admitted the drama of tearing herself away from her baby has put her off having another one for some time.
Jones has done the hard work - from tearing herself away from the trappings of teenage life in Flint to train full-time in Manchester, to getting up at 6am to do extra taekwondo sessions, to coming from behind in that momentous Olympic semi-final against world number one Tseng Li-Cheng of Chinese Taipei.
"Tearing Herself Away," a solo to music by Phillip Glass, is a response to the space, both literal and metaphoric, that separates the dancer from those she loves.
The author who has just completed a series of books dubbed 'the Welsh Harry Potter' has warned JK Rowling about the difficulties of tearing herself away from a popular series.
Successfully tearing herself away from girl group Destiny's Child,Beyonce (pictured) has carved out a R&B career for herself -and is doing much better than Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.
NOW Eddi is tearing herself away from Charlie and Sam to perform songs from the new album on a tour of Dillons bookshops, including a single Scottish show on Tuesday at the Glasgow branch.
Finally tearing herself away from her bizarre disguise, the singer later performed a gig on Miami beach.
Tearing herself away from the newly repaired sewing machine (yes that broke as well and yes Keeno fixed it) Andi decided to hold an impromptu Xmas party with peanuts, walnuts, crisps and...
AFTER tearing herself away from Damon, she starts waving frantically for her car - a vintage Mercedes - to come and pick her up.