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To see Welch's complete tear-jerker list, see his blog at
Pacino (as usual) is full of quirks and mannerisms, but this wellmade tear-jerker has a fine cast (Jennifer Garner, Annette Bening, Christopher Plummer and Bobby Cannavale) and some lovely Lennon songs that help give it a real class.
Sadly my wife and two older children cannot enjoy the film as they are not bilingual, and for their benefit and millions of other non-Welsh speakers throughout the UK I wish a production company would make a professional DVD version with a subtitle option as I just know this classic tear-jerker would be a must watch every Christmas.
Each episode is a tear-jerker and most of the crying is done by teachers, who blame themselves if kids don't succeed in exams.
Several real tear-jerker moments, with an absolutely wonderfully moving finale.
It's a real tear-jerker but, for me, Susan and Mike were to Wisteria Lane what Scott and Charlene were to Neighbours.
TEAR-JERKER Jaz Ellington has spoken of his heartache after a childhood pal was gunned down in a gangland shooting.
"From this chart, it is clear that a well-written tear-jerker is one that people can relate to and empathise with," the Sun quoted Chairman Ellis Rich as saying.
The next one is on Wednesday, July 15, when, after the tear-jerker that is La Traviata we get the comedy of The Barber Of Seville.
Which film was named best tear-jerker of all time in a poll?
When it drops down the gears into bitter-sweet blues, it's a tear-jerker.
This is a brilliant novel packed with powerful feelings and suspense and with a real tear-jerker ending.
Straight in at a spanking pace, a gutsy orchestra heralded a fine performance of Puccini's tear-jerker La BohAme.
Deborah Brady, a ranger at the Severn Trent reservoir and park, said: "This is a real tear-jerker, especially with the onset of spring and the start of the breeding season.
professional hit show Twopence to Cross the Mersey, by the Brothers Fennah, has wowed audiences throughout Merseyside and now the youngsters of Wirral Academy of Performing Arts have a stab at Helen Forrester's tear-jerker. Tonight at Pacific Road Centre, Birkenhead, at 7.30pm, and until January 28.