tear away

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tear (oneself) away (from someone or something)

Fig. to force oneself to leave someone or something. Do you think you can tear yourself away from your friends for dinner? I could hardly tear myself away from the concert.
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tear something away

 (from someone or something)
1. to peel something from someone or something. The paramedic tore the clothing away from the burn victim and began to treat the wounds immediately. She tore away the clothing from the victim. She tore the clothing away.
2. to quickly take something away from someone or something. I tore the firecracker away from the child and threw it in the lake. Liz tore away the cover from the book. She tore the wrapping paper away.
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tear away (from someone or something)

to leave someone or something, running. Dave tore away from Jill, leaving her to find her own way home. Roger tore away from the meeting, trying to make his train.
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tear away

Remove oneself unwillingly or reluctantly, as in I couldn't tear myself away from that painting. [Late 1700s]
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tear away

1. To remove someone or something by force: The mugger tore my bag away from me. The security guard tore away the passenger's knife.
2. To remove someone unwillingly or reluctantly: The book was so suspenseful that I couldn't tear myself away from it. We can't tear the children away from the video games, so we bought a system for the car.
3. To leave or drive off rapidly: When the stoplight turned green, the taxi tore away.
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Croatia had been destroyed by a tear away teenager, who tormented his sorry side, ranked fifth in the world.
The young tear away, drunk on vodka and boasting he was part of the London Park Gang terrorizing Mirfield, punched 22-year-old Ross Wood, who was out with friends.
Not only must they find the mysterious couple to whom she was last seen giving directions, but they must also locate diabetic Kelly Stevens (Eleanor Gecks), a teen tear away who has disappeared following an argument at home.
A MUM and her tear away son were last night facing eviction unless the teenager keeps out of trouble.
The Jewish community of Bedzin, living in Israel, will never forget your remarkable person, who risked his own life to tear away many of our brothers from the hands of the Nazi assassins.
The baking giant is pulling its Kingsmill brand into the sharing market with a new brand called Tear Away.
Ahead of today's White Paper on anti-social behaviour, Home Secretary David Blunkett also said parents who refuse help to control their tear away children will face serious consequences.
As the embryo matures, the ossicles tear away from the jaw and migrate backward, eventually attaching to the skull.
HEARTBROKEN singer Lily Allen wipes a tear away yesterday as she says farewell to close pal Tarka Cordell.