team up

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team up (with one)

1. To join someone or a group to form a team or association. By teaming up with the foreign distribution company, we've been able to quadruple our sales in under a year. If we teamed up, we could solve this crime in no time.
2. To join two or more people together into a team or association. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "team" and "up." I'm teaming you up with Jenny to write this report. I can't believe they teamed me up with Tommy Jenkins—he's the slowest runner in the entire school.
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team up (with someone)

to join with someone. I teamed up with Jane to write the report. I had never teamed up with anyone else before. I had always worked alone.
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team up

1. To form or join a team or an association: We decided to team up and combine our resources. The police are teaming up with schools to prevent violence.
2. To combine someone into a team or an association: The coach teamed me up with two of the worst athletes in the school. My boss teamed up the best workers for the project.
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When you are top of the table every team ups their game to try and take a scalp and that's what Ayr are about to find out.
Ferris was outstanding in a solid team effort from the winners while Shaun Balmer inspired Team UPS to a narrow 2-1 victory against bottom of the league Hartshill Allstars.
VETERAN Kenny Waring played an influential role as Team UPS ran out comfortable 3-0 winners over Fenn Gordon Derek's Son in the Leisure League's Nuneaton Etone Six-a-Side football.
But Team UPS notched up a surprise success over The Sweeties by the same scoreline to boost their confidence while Captain Planet Soccer Stars crushed Team Pingles 6-2 to close the gap on the top trio.
Fourth-placed Team Pingles kept up the pressure on the three sides above them with a hard fought 2-1 victory over Team UPS in which Ben Darby was in inspirational form.
Alex's Army found PSV Hangover to good as they crashed to defeat while The Specials title bid continued as they narrowly saw off Team Ups by the odd goal in three.
They were comfortable 6-0 winners against Team UPS while Team Pingles were pipped 3-2 by Captain Planet Soccer who grabbed a last minute winner.