team player

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team player someone

who works well with the group; someone who is loyal to the group. Ted is a team player. I am sure that he will cooperate with us.
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The challenge for Toby is to become a good team player.
Rather than saying you are a team player, give an example of where you've worked in a team and what your contribution was, he asserted.
The Parker Team Player Survey (PTPS), the Parker Team Player Survey: Styles of Another Person, and the Parker Team Development Survey are quick and easy to use, and fully validated.
OTHER AWARDS: Gary Mills Tenner Club Player of the Year: Mark Hallam; Herald Player of the Year: Darren Roberts; Reserve Team Player of the Year: Adam Chetwynd; Youth Team Player of the Year: Adam Fletcher.
I see it as being a team player and good networking, It is important to develop relationships with those in power and who are where you want to be.
Be a team player, but remember that being a team player means participating fully rather than just going along to get along.
I said that to be a good team player we must be willing to place our personal interests second to those of the team, to bend a little.
DERRY forward Eoin Bradley has hit back at Joe Brolly's suggestion he's not a team player.
According to the BBC, Moyes said that Rooney is making his teammates play well because he is himself playing well, adding that he has turned himself into a real team player and has made a fantastic all-round contribution with the assists for the team and the goals.
RED Bull boss Christian Horner is fully expecting Mark Webber to be a team player this weekend without the need to have a quiet word in his ear.
Reserve team player Anthony Hopkins scored twice and 18-year-old Danny Kerrigan converted a third in the final minute to seal the points.
This award is given to the best team player on the course and is voted for by the other recruits.
Rajan Shrivastav - a former first-class cricketer who has coached teams at top Indian companies like Tata and was part of the Mumbai suburban cricket development programme - along with Shah Hussain, a former Pakistan A team player, will conduct classes at the camps.
The Bahrain national team player emerged overall winner with six and half points from seven rounds, just half point ahead of Fide Master Maher Ayyad who came second.
It would be lovely if Marine can produce a first team player who can eventually go on to better things and we can make some money out of him.
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