team player

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team player someone

who works well with the group; someone who is loyal to the group. Ted is a team player. I am sure that he will cooperate with us.
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Team players put the interests of the team above their own personal interests.
The night's other matches saw former national team player Abdullah Al Attar beat Adel Mohammad 4-1, Hani Al Houri overcome Amer Al Ameri 4-2 and youth team player Bader Obaid Al Muhairi get the better of Mohammad Al Shamsi 4-1.
Mark is a strong competitor and a big team player," said Horner.
The seven-round Swiss ranking tournament was organised to select national team players for regional and international competitions.
The College Road boss is overseeing a scheme which he regards as a vital part of the Mariners' future, with youngsters being nurtured through the ranks with the eventual aim of producing home-grown first team players.
The first team player of the year award went to Sam Stirling and most improved player was Ali Harper.
being the team player and the model of heroism/protection.
Marianne, the total team player, worked full-time to pay the rent and put food on the table.
He is a team player and not many players are actually team players.
Rajan Shrivastav - a former first-class cricketer who has coached teams at top Indian companies like Tata and was part of the Mumbai suburban cricket development programme - along with Shah Hussain, a former Pakistan A team player, will conduct classes at the camps.
The team, led by veteran Bahrain national team player Hamad Mubarak and consisting of Roger Downes, Neil Andrew and Guido Bicocchi, narrowly won the title with a team score of 87 while three teams trailed them by just one point on 86.
Slaithwaite's Graham Illingworth battled through to the quarter-finals with two tense 21-20 victories against current Yorkshire Junior home team player Adam Kelk (Lower Hopton) and Alverthorpe's Dave Cowsill, but ran out of steam as unrelenting Wilson knocked him out with a 21-3 victory.
Awards Arthur Hughes Cup top try scorer first team: Thomas Maund; Rod Thomas Shield top try scorer second team: Alun Brace; Don Evans Cup first team player of the year: Thomas Maund; Rhodri Hughes Cup second team player of the year: Richard Underhill
I paired him with Claude Makelele and Ballack is a team player.
She's a really awesome player and a great team player.