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teach (one) a lesson

To convince one to avoid some unwanted behavior in the future through the inflicting of some form of punishment or harm. Can be said of the harm or punishment itself, or the agent inflicting the harm or punishment. After the CEO was found guilty, he was forced to repay $150 million in damages and will spend the next 10 years in jail. If that doesn't teach him a lesson, I don't know what will. A: "The cat scratched Bobby this time when he pulled its tail again." B: "Well, that ought to teach him a lesson." Are you going to mess with my little brother again, or am I going to have to teach you a lesson?
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teach school

To teach; to be a teacher in a school. Did you know that Karen teaches school? I thought she was stockbroker. Don't feel so bad. I've taught school for 30 years, and I still run into situations I don't know how to handle.
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Teaching Improvisation to Non-Improvisers Christopher Norton
You will be teaching each other." Teach Your Neighbor helps students become engaged in classroom activities and helps to build self-worth, because each student helps a neighbor to learn.
Rather than continue to try to fit into the arts and sciences research model, education schools must embrace the reality that teaching is a profession, not a craft, and that they are professional schools.
A narrower approach, it might be objected, could risk isolating specifically social doctrine from other teaching. But this need not happen, as the unity of Catholic thought could be established at the start and linkages between social and other teaching could be noted along the way.
The teaching pattern for the Christ in Art course in Dartmouth afforded me more time for other scholarly pursuits, but I also used that time to do additional class preparation that otherwise I would not have undertaken, which will also be outlined below.
Often CPAs can move into teaching positions based on substantial professional experience and their certification as CPAs.
"The best part was seeing her make connections between classes she was in to classes she was teaching," says senior Eleanor Smith, who has been in class with Houlihan as both teacher and fellow student.
(4) At issue here is how the teaching of social and other types of history can be made more challenging for students as they proceed through their programmes of study.
Because many people equate sex with intimacy, not enough emphasis is being placed on teaching children about relationships and emotional intimacy, says Bartlett.
For example, the American Board's Passport to Teaching certification program allows talented, motivated college graduates to demonstrate mastery of subject matter and knowledge of teaching through a series of rigorous examinations.
CRITICAL THINKING: Refer students to the comment of biology teacher Jen Miller, who says she sees no contradiction between the teaching of evolution and a belief in God.
First they provide faculty with feedback on teaching effectiveness.
Poor urban and rural districts are most often the ones in which teachers are emergency certified (one of six teachers in California's poor schools don't have teaching certificates), have little teaching experience, or are only certified in one of the several subjects they are expected to teach.
Most law enforcement agencies, however, can make better use of their in-service training programs by shifting their paradigm to take into account the needs of adult learners and by teaching with purpose, not just to cover the material.
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