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pink tax

The higher price often applied to products or services that are for or are marketed to women, especially when such products are similar or nearly identical to products or services for or marketed to men. The term refers to the fact that many such products are in fact pink. However, the term does not refer to an actual tax. A: "Why are my razors so much more expensive than my husband's?" B: "Because of the pink tax, that's why."
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sin tax

A tax on items considered harmful and non-essential, such as cigarettes and alcohol. Primarily heard in US. I hope you're prepared to pay a sin tax on those cigarettes.
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tax (one) with (something)

1. To hold one responsible or accountable for something. Often used in passive constructions. As a customer support representative, just be aware that customers are going to tax you with any and all issues they have with the service. I'm used to being taxed with the mistakes of my subordinates.
2. To accuse one of something; to lay blame on one for something. Often used in passive constructions. Police taxed him with aggravated assault and public endangerment. He was taxed with deceiving his clients in order to charge them for things they hadn't asked for.
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Characterized by excessive spending and government expansion funded by excessive taxation. Used before a noun. The average working class citizen is sick of the tax-and-spend policies of this administration. The candidate is running her campaign as an attack against a tax-and-spend government that she claims is suffocating the country.
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tax someone or something with something

to burden or tire someone or something with something. Please don't tax me with any more requests for my immediate attention. You are continuing to tax this committee with your constant complaints.
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spending freely and taxing heavily. (Referring to a legislative body that repeatedly passes expensive new laws and keeps raising taxes to pay for the cost. Fixed order.) I hope that people do not elect another tax-and-spend Congress this time. The only thing worse than a tax-and-spend legislature is one that spends and runs up a worsening deficit.
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tax with

Charge, accuse, as in He was taxed with betraying his fellows. [Mid-1600s]
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