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sin tax

A tax on items considered harmful and non-essential, such as cigarettes and alcohol. Primarily heard in US. I hope you're prepared to pay a sin tax on those cigarettes.
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tax (one) with (something)

1. To hold one responsible or accountable for something. Often used in passive constructions. As a customer support representative, just be aware that customers are going to tax you with any and all issues they have with the service. I'm used to being taxed with the mistakes of my subordinates.
2. To accuse one of something; to lay blame on one for something. Often used in passive constructions. Police taxed him with aggravated assault and public endangerment. He was taxed with deceiving his clients in order to charge them for things they hadn't asked for.
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Characterized by excessive spending and government expansion funded by excessive taxation. Used before a noun. The average working class citizen is sick of the tax-and-spend policies of this administration. The candidate is running her campaign as an attack against a tax-and-spend government that she claims is suffocating the country.

tax someone or something with something

to burden or tire someone or something with something. Please don't tax me with any more requests for my immediate attention. You are continuing to tax this committee with your constant complaints.
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spending freely and taxing heavily. (Referring to a legislative body that repeatedly passes expensive new laws and keeps raising taxes to pay for the cost. Fixed order.) I hope that people do not elect another tax-and-spend Congress this time. The only thing worse than a tax-and-spend legislature is one that spends and runs up a worsening deficit.

tax with

Charge, accuse, as in He was taxed with betraying his fellows. [Mid-1600s]
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These new rules have had a dramatic effect on tax departments in professional service firms and their clients.
Reinforcing this change in expectation of the tax function was a Tax Council Policy Institute (TCPI) survey of tax directors, in which 83% of the respondents stated that "avoiding a financial statement error" was among their most important priorities; see TCPI 7th Annual Tax Policy and Practice Symposium, "The Corporate Tax Practice in the Age of Transparency: A Path Forward," 84 Taxes 33 (June 2006).
Still, few if any Democrats seem willing to bet much on that evidence that the tax revolt is ending.
Expeditiously negotiate and implement a new provision in the Income Tax Convention with the United States eliminating withholding on all dividends and interest for payments to both related and unrelated parties.
If the client itemizes deductions, paying down a loan with deductible interest provides a risk-free rate of return effectively equal to the loan's interest rate minus the marginal rate of tax savings forgone.
A copy of the FTB's Package X will make tax season a little easier.
Those extra tax benefits are one reason more middle-income families have a higher chance of owing the AMT this year.
The Tobin Tax Initiative and ATTAC burgeoned in numbers (ATTAC now has tens of thousands of members worldwide, and is always a prominent participant in high-profile protests against globalization, such as the recent demonstrations in Barcelona, Spain).
One measure of the individual tax code's complexity is the declining percentage of taxpayers who feel confident enough to fill out their own returns.
Recognizing the monumental role that historic tax credits have played in encouraging community redevelopment and preserving our nation's historic structures, and noting the success of the federal program, several states have adopted new legislation establishing State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits.
For younger people," she notes, "the central tax is not income tax, it is FICA, which looms on their paycheck stubs like a Tyrannosaurus rex.
Because the kiddie tax is imposed only on unearned income in excess of $1,700, unearned income below that threshold is taxed at the child's rate.