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A giant arm encircled the tawny throat, and a long blade sank once, true as a die, into the fierce heart.
Under the tawny skin was a white, white flesh, faintly veined with red; and, besides their own proper apple taste, they had a certain wild, delightful tang no orchard-grown apple ever possessed.
On one side of me was the tawny sea, changing under certain conditions of the weather to a dull pearl-gray.
The tip of his tawny tail moved in spasmodic little jerks; his lower jaw hung low, exposing a red tongue and yellow fangs.
The instant that he dodged beneath Sheeta's blow, he leaped to the beast's rear and then full upon the tawny back, burying his teeth in Sheeta's neck and the fingers of one hand in the fur at the throat, and with the other hand he drove his blade into Sheeta's side.
He too was aroused from his studies by a tawny naked arm round his throat, by a bandage over his eyes, and by a gag in his mouth.
His naked tawny figure glimpsed vaguely through the bushes with a cloud of mosquitoes and flies hovering about the shaggy head, spread tales of terror through whole districts.
He towered before her, enormous, deferential, cropped as close as a convict and this big pinkish poll evoked for me the vision of a wild head with matted locks peering through parted bushes, glimpses of naked, tawny limbs slinking behind the masses of sodden foliage under a cloud of flies and mosquitoes.
com/Taylor's 10-year-old Tawny POP the port in the fridge darling
I haven't the space here to wax lyrical about Tawny 10, 20, and 30-year olds but I will say that Taylor's 10-year-old Tawny (ranging in price between PS20 and PS25 at various retailers) is a dream with pudding.
Taylor's |10-year-The port had Tawny a toe-wiggling warmth with added knee wobble and there was a fresh citrus tingle which burst in the mouth with a lick of creamy nuttiness.
In the nature programme's spin-off show, Springwatch Unsprung, a researcher told presenter Chris Packham: "We've had lots of comments on that tawny owls film - some people said it put them off their meals.
com)-- Local Nashville Artists; Anthony Adams & the Nite Owls, Tawny River, Daphne & the Mystery Machines and Spencer Mulder have come together in alliance with On the Stage, and My Fans Demand to host an evening of music and charity for the Room in the Inn and our homeless community.
Tawny crazy ants pick fights with fire ants and win, thanks to a previously unknown way of detoxifying fire ant venom.
The tawny crazy ant - known for its quick and erratic movements - could very well be the most challenging of any ant species to control, according to pest management professionals.