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taunt someone about something

to mock, tease, or torment someone about something. Stop taunting me about something that happened years ago! Terry was being taunted about his gaudy tie, so he took it off.
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taunt someone into something

to mock, tease, or torment someone into doing something. The gang taunted Liz into taking unnecessary chances. Don was taunted into leaving the room.
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taunt someone with something

to tease or tantalize someone with something. Jerry taunted Fran with the plate of fudge. Please don't taunt me with food I shouldn't eat.
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This suggests the brain might be recognising the social consequences of the sound of taunting laughter.
Booing, yelling during foul shots, and taunting from the stands are certainly not what we expect from the home fans, but let's be realistic: These things happen all of the time
He wrote a rambling letter to police, taunting them that he killed another woman in 1986 and revealed facts about several of the '70s murders.
But like the rest of his colleagues, he couldn't resist taunting Mr Brown.
I suppose the 'Munich' chants are hard to resist when faced with taunts of 'Murderers', but does this excuse the taunting of Alan Smith after the match, or the churlish silence and sporadic booing that greeted Sir Bobby Charlton?
What's the spin: Even Jackson can comprehend there's a bulging bicep of difference between taunting someone for alleged steroid use and taunting someone because of the color of his skin.
There was no taunting of the English, just jubilation at a match well played.
According to a study published by ABC News, 86% of teens report there is bullying and taunting at school.
THE distraught family of a teenager killed in a bicycle tragedy last night condemned sick graffiti taunting them about his death as 'pure evil'.
THE distraught family of a Protestant teenager killed in north Belfast last night condemned those behind graffiti taunting them about his death.
Last season he responded to a section of Leeds fans taunting him at Old Trafford and was warned about his future conduct by the FA.
237) suggests that the group taunting behavior of ground squirrels against rattlesnakes, to protect their young from predation, is unusual.
Judge John Shand, at Stafford Crown Court, told Purcell: "I accept there was an element of provocation and she was taunting you about your sexual difficulties at a time when you suffered from post-natal depression.
The kid was calling me names, taunting me, bragging.
Forget sportsman-like conduct, NFL Xtreme is all about taunting, trash-talking, helmet flying hits and countless player celebrations; 50 plus touchdown dances, linebackers flexing their muscles after delivering a harsh blow and defensive linemen `raising the roof,'" added Fox.