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taunt someone about something

to mock, tease, or torment someone about something. Stop taunting me about something that happened years ago! Terry was being taunted about his gaudy tie, so he took it off.
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taunt someone into something

to mock, tease, or torment someone into doing something. The gang taunted Liz into taking unnecessary chances. Don was taunted into leaving the room.
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taunt someone with something

to tease or tantalize someone with something. Jerry taunted Fran with the plate of fudge. Please don't taunt me with food I shouldn't eat.
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But after being taunted for being fat at the bank where he worked, he soon lost the pounds.
Williams told authorities after the shooting that he was frequently taunted as "wimp" and "bitch" by classmates.
Mya was considered an outsider by her peers, taunted about the way she looked and victimised because she was a child from a mixed marriage.
A CRAZED teenager brutally attacked two girls who had taunted him for looking like Harry Potter.
GANGS who taunted David Askew up to his death included boys aged SIX.
PARAMEDICS taunted a dying woman by telling her she was "so big" they would have to call fire crews to get her to hospital, it was claimed yesterday.
Police began an investigation today into claims England striker Wayne Rooney assaulted a student, 22, who taunted him in a nightclub.
Christine Grahame claimed Salmond's running mate Nicola Sturgeon would be taunted as 'Deputy Dawg' at Holyrood if she took charge in her boss's absence.
What was noticeable in the Irish pub in which I watched it in Paris was how, when the French were 1-0 down (most of the match), the English taunted and sneered aggressively.
Young people are being taunted with antigay epithets and are then lashing out.
Jacob, who has been learning ballet since the age of six, said during his last year at the school he was often taunted because of his love of dance with some pupils accusing him of being gay.
I watched my father sometimes being demeaned or taunted, because he was a lowly laundryman and didn't speak English well,'' Lee said.
Fans in Adelaide taunted Muralitharan throughout the match against Australia A on Tuesday, calling " no-ball" every time he ran in.
FRANK LAMPARD has taunted title rivals Liverpool by insisting: Your lead will be up in smoke by the time Santa comes down the chimney.
Kevin Bushell, 25, punched a barmaid and threw ashtrays and glasses after he was taunted about the allegations in a town centre pub in Rotherham, Yorkshire.