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taunt (one) about (someone or something)

To mock, ridicule, or jeer at one about someone or something. The school bullies taunted Sarah about her brother, who had a severe intellectual disability. They were taunting me about the clothes I wore to work that day.
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taunt (one) into (doing something)

To provoke or incite one to do something by mocking, ridiculing, or jeering at them. The school bullies taunted Sarah into pulling the fire alarm as a prank. I kind of liked my mullet, but everyone at work taunted me into getting it cut.
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taunt (one) with (something)

1. To tease or torment one with something they cannot or should not have; to tantalize one with something. I'm trying to stick to my diet, but my roommate keeps taunting me with all the cakes and cookies she likes to bake. I loved taunting my friends with pictures of sunny beaches while I was on vacation in the Bahamas.
2. To arouse one sexually with something, especially with no intention of engaging in sexual activity with one. I've just never understood the appeal of strip clubs. You pay to go watch women taunt you with their exposed bodies and erotic dances, and then you just leave more sexually frustrated than when you arrived. She kept lifting up her skirt to taunt me with glimpses of her thighs.
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taunt someone about something

to mock, tease, or torment someone about something. Stop taunting me about something that happened years ago! Terry was being taunted about his gaudy tie, so he took it off.
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taunt someone into something

to mock, tease, or torment someone into doing something. The gang taunted Liz into taking unnecessary chances. Don was taunted into leaving the room.
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taunt someone with something

to tease or tantalize someone with something. Jerry taunted Fran with the plate of fudge. Please don't taunt me with food I shouldn't eat.
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Rob Nicol, editor of the Fly Me To The Moon fanzine, labelled the taunts "a disgrace" and urged Boro fans to show the new player their support.
He stopped going to the lunch room out of fear of taunts and he attempted suicide at age 16.
THE Spanish Football Federation were today facing an official inquiry into the shocking racist taunts which were repeatedly directed at England's players during their friendly in Madrid.
Sheldon Lee Taunt, 25, of Portland, admitted to the judge that what he did was "extremely stupid.
It doesn't surprise me that "Some furry little creatures are born to taunt rattlesnakes.
Quest/ Taunt Warrior finally became a deck archetype after Hearthstone's Journey To Un'Goro expansion.
Bank taunt lost me lbs EMMERDALE star Liam Fox has told how he lost five stone in six months - after being taunted by a boss.
Squirrels that have lost their resistance to venom still taunt snakes.
While some United fans still mock the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, sections of Liverpool's support taunt their rivals about the 1958 Munich air disaster, which claimed the lives of 23 players, staff and journalists.
Ms Rees said police came across Ridings three more times that night, when he continued to taunt Pc Webley and eventually asked him for a fight.
But instead of applauding Lisa's talents, rival parents only taunt and sneer.
It was in 1941, after the outbreak of war, that Derek Taunt was recruited to his place in the annals of history, to the team at Bletchley Park who broke the Nazi Enigma code and are credited with shortening the conflict by several years.