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teach school

To teach; to be a teacher in a school. Did you know that Karen teaches school? I thought she was stockbroker. Don't feel so bad. I've taught school for 30 years, and I still run into situations I don't know how to handle.
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teach (one) a lesson

To punish or harm someone as a means of seeking retribution and to dissuade or prevent them from committing bad behavior in the future. After the CEO was found guilty, he was forced to repay $150 million in damages and will spend the next 10 years in jail. If that doesn't teach him a lesson, I don't know what will. A: "I heard Jeff crashed his new Porsche into a streetlight." B: "Well, that ought to teach him a lesson about constantly speeding in a residential area."
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Although studies suggest that traditionally taught students may learn more content, there is evidence that PBL maximizes knowledge retention (Saarinen-Rahiika & Binkley, 1998).
This is the desire by students (and some staff) to have as many courses as possible taught between Tuesday and Thursday, or more explicitly, not on Mondays and Fridays.
Novelty, energy, spontaneity, economy, variety--these and other qualities we admire in the music we teach and wish for our students' playing may form the core of our own teaching, whereby they are taught more effectively.
So Fernandes in the meantime taught seventh-grade language arts classes at High Desert School.
At the heart of the matter lies the need to determine what social history should be taught from the vast and growing range of possibilities available.
Every parent has an opinion on what constitutes the "correct" view of the Supernatural, and parents will be very concerned that their children will be taught an "incorrect" view.
Like many fellow Dover residents, he says the biblical account of the origins of humanity should be taught in a comparative-religion class, not a biology class.
But since they've not been taught infallibly, there's at least a remote possibility of error.
alternative programs frequently employ a two to three month long training program in which participants are taught the "practical" side of teaching and immediately placed in low-performing schools.
3) Activities structured for the needs of the learners, such as the use of their experience, teaching to multiple learning styles, and their inclusion in defining how they will be taught.
The heart of the book is an analysis of commentaries on the Ethics by Italian scholars who taught in the universities of Florence, Padua, Bologna, and Rome, and in the Jesuit Collegio Romano.
They could even make errors by working certain problems from left to right (as they are taught in reading) instead of right to left (Miller and Mercer, 1997).
If our readers do not possess some minimal set of desktop competencies, they will not be able to profit from instruction by computers, or even in the most basic elements of electronic information retrieval competence as taught by and through computing machines.
While watching the athletes teach one another, the coach can be carefully listening on what is being taught as it is being taught.
For example, accounting curriculums have traditionally taught students to classify and aggregate transaction data before they are stored--that is, to classify transactions through journal entries then aggregate that data into an account balance.