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Gossip. I know you think all that tittle-tattle is harmless, but one of these days a rumor is going to hurt someone.

tattle on (one)

Especially of children, to inform an authority figure of one's bad behavior. I can't believe you tattled on me like that to mom and dad—I'm never telling you anything ever again! I know you think you're trying to do the right thing, but you're going to have a hard time making friends if you tattle on your classmates for every little thing they do wrong.
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going to tell

 and going to tattle
a threat that one is going to report someone's misdeed to someone in authority. If you do that again, I'm going to tell! Sue just went to the teacher. She's going to tattle.
See also: going, tell

tattle (on someone) (to someone)

to tell on someone to someone. Are you going to tattle on me to my mother? Please don't tattle on me.

tattle on

To inform that someone has misbehaved: My brother tattled on me for spilling the glue.
See also: on, tattle