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in tatters

In a ruined condition. (Used literally or figuratively.) You can't wear this jacket to dinner—it's in tatters! The company was in tatters after the founding members resigned.
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be in tatters

1. Of a fabric, typically clothing, to be torn or worn into strips. You can't wear this jacket to dinner—it's in tatters!
2. By extension, to be in a ruined condition. The company was in tatters after the founding members resigned. Our relationship is in tatters. I have no idea how we could fix it.
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in tatters

Fig. in torn pieces of cloth. The poor man's clothes hung in tatters. The flag was in tatters after the storm.
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be in ˈtatters

1 (of clothes) be torn in many places: He got into a fight and came home with his clothes in tatters.
2 (of a plan, an idea, a person’s feelings, etc.) be ruined or badly damaged: She’s failed her exams, and now all her hopes of becoming a doctor are in tatters.His career and his reputation are both in tatters after the scandal.
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References in classic literature ?
Then the Sheriff came down from his dais and drew near, in all his silks and velvets, to where the tattered stranger stood leaning upon his stout bow, while the good folk crowded around to see the man who shot so wondrously well.
A score and more of barefoot friars were there, and some that looked like tinkers, and some that seemed to be sturdy beggars and rustic hinds; and seated upon a mossy couch was one all clad in tattered scarlet, with a patch over one eye; and in his hand he held the golden arrow that was the prize of the great shooting match.
com)-- "Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded" by John Z.
The Puppet's Tattered Clothes" is a flash fiction novel and author Alan Bray's first published effort (and the fourth flash novel to be published by Bartleby Snopes Press).
The Tattered Prayer Book" is a retelling of a family story of a young boy who survives the terror filled days of the pre-holocaust time in Nazi Germany, finding and keeping a tattered prayer book, or siddur, in Hebrew and German after the Kristallnacht destruction of Jewish synagogues in November of 1938.
Sydney, July 25 ( ANI ): The complete signatures of the English and Australian cricket teams from the 1928-29 Ashes Tour of Australia has reportedly been discovered in a tattered encyclopaedia passed down through generations.
A flag that is not torn, tattered,or tarnished means those who served have done so with great honor and defended country and flag for more then 235 years in an excellent manor.
A TECHNICAL glitch abruptly cut off Brian Cowen in mid-sentence as he launched into a passionate defence of his tattered leadership on the RTE Six One news last night.
The mission is to collect old, tattered, unusable flags to be retired in a dignified manner in accordance with the U.
to speak or tease with words that are insulting or scornful : jeer <They gibed the boy about his tattered clothes.
Byline: The Delhi police have started a drive to give its tattered image a boost by inducting more women constables.
For the love of old; living with chipped, frayed, tarnished, faded, tattered, worn, and weathered things that bring comfort, character, and joy to the places we call home.
With ABC remaining mum about his future on ``Grey's Anatomy,'' actor Isaiah Washington met Monday with two prominent gay and lesbian groups in an apparent effort to repair his tattered public image and possibly save his job.
Recounting the tale of the week Princess Diana was killed in a Paris car crash, Frears and Mirren take us inside the decaying doll house of England's royal family, with unsettling dose-ups of the dysfunctional cast running around behind the royal curtains and sweeping aside the tattered remains of our Cinderella fantasies about Charles and Diana.
IT was meant to be a symbol of pride - but a tattered St George's flag has angered passers-by in Huddersfield.