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in tatters

In a ruined condition. (Used literally or figuratively.) You can't wear this jacket to dinner—it's in tatters! The company was in tatters after the founding members resigned.
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be in tatters

1. Of a fabric, typically clothing, to be torn or worn into strips. You can't wear this jacket to dinner—it's in tatters!
2. By extension, to be in a ruined condition. The company was in tatters after the founding members resigned. Our relationship is in tatters. I have no idea how we could fix it.
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in tatters

Fig. in torn pieces of cloth. The poor man's clothes hung in tatters. The flag was in tatters after the storm.
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be in ˈtatters

1 (of clothes) be torn in many places: He got into a fight and came home with his clothes in tatters.
2 (of a plan, an idea, a person’s feelings, etc.) be ruined or badly damaged: She’s failed her exams, and now all her hopes of becoming a doctor are in tatters.His career and his reputation are both in tatters after the scandal.
See also: tatter
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Tatter owns a blogging platform called Textcube, which Kim said was popular among Korean bloggers.
Tatters said: "As a board of directors we will now sit down and draw up a shortlist of names.
Where Microphone showed a younger generation desperate for change, at a time when even the small freedom to simply put on a music concert was denied, Rags and Tatters shows how this very same generation's frustration has now reached breaking point.
Ahmed Abdalla follows Heliopolis and Microphone with his third feature Rags and Tatters, shown for another week in Egyptian cinemas after an extension of its original screeningtime of one week.
PLUCKY City stunned the league leaders to earn a point and leave caretaker boss Graham Tatters delighted.
TATTERSALLS has catalogued 163 two-year-olds for its second juvenile auction, the Tatters alls Guineas Breeze Up Sale, which will be held on May 1 and 2.
Yes, Riley, who is now moaning that his marriage and career are in tatters, WAS cleared of having had sex with his teenage accuser.
Allegations that William Tatters, from Blackburn, Lancashire, fell and received head injuries shortly before he died were never investigated.
With his erstwhile conservative image in tatters, Hatch advised the Model UN delegates to beware of both conservative and liberal extremists, since "they're just as wrong on the far right as they are on the far left.
Some corn varieties that arose on the Caribbean island of Antigua defend themselves with chemical attacks that leave insect gut linings in tatters.
Afghanistan's economy is in tatters, and in a bid to turn the country around and perhaps seek more foreign aid, Taliban leaders have agreed to crack down on widespread poppy plant growing.
but the engine is impetuous and the tatters make a whole
We have to ensure that Sinn Fein is there in a better position to negotiate a better agreement than the one which is now in tatters.
Seven years later, this plan, like many administration initiatives, rests in tatters even as the president declares it a success.