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all vine and no taters

Appealing but lacking substance. Patty is beautiful but ditzy, truly all vine and no taters. I thought this report would be groundbreaking, but it's all vine and no taters. That Porsche is all vine and no taters—the previous owner ruined its engine.
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hold your tater

Wait a moment or be patient. Often used as an imperative when one is moving too quickly, recklessly, or thoughtlessly. Primarily heard in US. Whoa, hold your tater, kids. We're going to sing before we start eating cake. I know you're excited to see the prototype, but you all just need to hold your tater while we get set up.
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later, tater

childish Goodbye, for now. A: "OK, I've got to go, kiddo—later, tater!" B: "See ya later, Daddy! I love you!"
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slang Cold. The term comes from rhyming slang in which "taters" (potatoes) is short for "taters in the mould," which rhymes with "cold." Primarily heard in UK. I'd wear a warmer coat if I were you—it's rather taters today. The food was taters when the waiter brought it out, so I sent it back to the kitchen.
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taters in the mould

slang Cold. The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which "taters (potatoes) in the mould" rhymes with "cold." Primarily heard in UK. I'd wear a warmer coat if I were you—it's taters in the mould out there today!
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all vine and no taters

Rur. to be all display with no real value. She's a good-looking woman, but really she's all vine and no taters. Don't be fooled by Jim's flowery promises. They're all vine and no taters.
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Hold your horses!

 and Hold your tater!
Fig. Inf. Wait! Tom: Let's go! Let's go! Mary: Hold your horses. Hold your tater, now. Where did you say you are going?
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n. a potato. (Folksy. The plural, taters can refer to individual potatoes or a mass of potatoes as with mashed potatoes.) Give me more meat and less taters.
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"However, I have been informed by the White House counsel's office that Tater and Tot's pardons cannot, under any circumstances, be revoked," he added, referring to the turkeys pardoned by former President Barack Obama last year.
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CHEESY SAUSAGE & TATERS A rib-sticking winter warmer SERVES 4 TO 6 Cooking time: 4 to 6 hours on low INGREDIENTS 400-450g smoked sausage or kielbasa 900g frozen mini potato rostis (see tip, right) 200g grated mature or extra mature Cheddar cheese 240ml whole milk 1 Cut sausage in half-cm slices; set aside.
BBQ rib sandwich, lettuce and tomato cup, baked beans, tater tots and carrot sticks.
Il a fait savoir, en outre, que des contacts preliminaires ont ete noues avec Touring voyages Algerie pour preparer le deplacement, et que cet organisme de tourisme, partenaire habituel de Mobilis dans ce genre d'evenement, a deja envoye une delegation au lieu de la competition continentale pour [beaucoup moins que] tater le terrain [beaucoup plus grand que]'.
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The tater we know about a problem, the more difficult it may be to take swift action to remedy the situation or to assist you in disengaging before it worsens.
Tater Stats O'Toole has announced its recent appointment as exclusive leasing agent for 419 Lafayette Street.
The presence of any stage of mite, dead mites or mite fragments is considered a positive result (Tater, 2008).
A tow rate of sexual intercourse among young adolescents has tong been the norm, white sexual initiation tater in adolescence has been and remains a normal part of teens' development process.
"The international community must act now to take charge of this activity to ensure that it is studied and deployed with fu[t attention to the rights and interests of everyone on the planet." Carlson, an expert in environmental and international law, said he believes geo-engineering is inevitable and will likely happen sooner than tater.
7)." The chapter mysteries are titled Death by Idaho, Cabin Fever, The Elder Hostile, Hotdish to Die For, The Lutheran Who Lusted, and The Maltese Tater Tot.