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coup d'état

A sudden, illegitimate seizure of power from an existing government, usually through violent means. The phrase is French for "blow of state," and it is often shortened to simply "coup." The militia group launched a coordinated coup d'état, seizing the country's capital and killing or capturing all of its top political officials.
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give (one) tit for tat

To retaliate against one. The phrase is most likely an alteration of the Dutch phrase "tip for tap," which means "blow for blow." A: "Shelly's mad at you?" B: "Yep, and she's giving me tit for tat by refusing to help me plan this event." I know your brother hit you, but you don't have to give him tit for tat—find a better solution than that.
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temp tat

informal A shortening of "temporary tattoo." We all got temp tats down at the mall. My mom freaked out when she saw the picture on my ankle until I showed her that it was just a temp tat.
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tit for tat

Describing an act of retaliation. The phrase is most likely an alteration of the Dutch phrase "tip for tap," which means "blow for blow." She's mad at me, so she refuses to help me plan this event—typical tit for tat.
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give someone tit for tat

Fig. to give someone something equal to what was given you; to exchange a series of very similar things, one by one, with someone. They gave me the same kind of difficulty that I gave them. They gave me tit for tat. He punched me, so I punched him. Every time he hit me, I hit him. I just gave him tit for tat.
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tit for tat

Repayment in kind, retaliation, as in If he won't help with the beach clean-up, I won't run a booth at the bake sale; that's tit for tat . This term is believed to be a corruption of tip for tap, which meant "a blow for a blow." Its current form dates from the mid-1500s.
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tit for tat

Tit for tat is something that someone does to upset or harm someone who has upset or harmed them. In an apparent tit for tat, he announced he was sacking the members of two committees responsible for reactor safety. Note: Tit for tat is also used before nouns. A tit for tat dispute has led to the virtual closure of the border between the two countries.
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tit for tat

a situation in which an injury or insult is given in return or retaliation.
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ˌtit for ˈtat

a situation in which you do something unpleasant to somebody because they have done something unpleasant to you: He hit me, so I hit him back — it was tit for tat.the routine tit for tat when countries expel each other’s envoys
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n. a tattoo. Nice tats!


n. a temporary tattoo. (Viewed as wimpy by those bearing real ink.) My father nearly croaked until I convinced him they were temp-tats.
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tit for tat

Payment in kind; precise retaliation. Most authorities believe this expression was a corruption of tip for tap, meaning “a blow for a blow.” It was already in its current form in the sixteenth century. John Heywood’s Proverbs (1546) stated, “Sens tyt for tat (quoth I) on euen hand is set, Set the hares head against the goose ieblet,” and in his Spider and Flie (1556), “That is tit for tat in this altricacion.”
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