taste for

*taste for something

a desire for a particular food, drink, or experience. (Typically: get ~; have ~; give some-one ~; acquire ~.) The Smiths have a taste for adventure and take exotic vacations. When she was pregnant, Mary often had a taste for pickles.
See also: taste
References in classic literature ?
The point is," I concluded my sermon, "that it is the accessibility of alcohol that has given me my taste for alcohol.
I read back in my life and saw how the accessibility of alcohol had given me the taste for it.
All meat tasted alike to him, for his taste for meat was one of the vanished pleasures in the limbo of memory.
Lady Russell had little taste for wit, and of anything approaching to imprudence a horror.
The first Saturday night of any other pleasure excursion might have been devoted to whist and dancing; but I submit it to the unprejudiced mind if it would have been in good taste for us to engage in such frivolities, considering what we had gone through and the frame of mind we were in.
Murder in the first degree is flattered by his fate up to the point of letting him die peacefully in Boston after these dealings of his in England; and altogether his story could not be commended to people with a morbid taste for bloodshed.
But they have a taste for all representers and actors of great things.
Why," said Phoebus--and as he spoke he kept touching his lyre so as to make a thread of music run in and out among his words--"as the little damsel was gathering flowers (and she has really a very exquisite taste for flowers), she was suddenly snatched up by King Pluto, and carried off to his dominions.
So glad we have another taste in common besides our taste for Art.
But the proprietor appeared already to have relinquished as hopeless, the effort to perpetuate on this side of the Atlantic, in a hard soil, and amid the close struggle for subsistence, the native English taste for ornamental gardening.
A CHANGE in your taste for sugar, caffeine, alcohol and carbs can take away the appetite.
In the eyes of reformers, those who over-indulged their taste for sweets or who did so in inappropriate circumstances not only risked their health; they flouted important social conventions as well.
Those of you with a taste for building supplies still have a nice selection to choose from.
Wishing to capitalize on the fact that 80% of Americans are not willing to sacrifice taste for more healthful, less flavorful foods (Source: InsightExpress), Culinova sought out a manufacturing partner that understands the importance of taste.
While genetics may guide your preferences, exposure to various kinds of foods also helps develop a taste for new delicacies.