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bring (someone) to task

To scold, reprimand, or lecture someone on some wrong or error they have committed. Mom brought me to task over the alcohol she found in my car. You don't have to bring everyone to task who misuses the word "literally," you know.
See also: bring, task

equal to the task

Having the necessary ability, talent, qualities, or capability to handle or accomplish a given role or situation. The young soldier proved equal to the task and saved his platoon from an enemy ambush. We need a manager who can lead project initiatives and efficiently direct employees—do you think you're equal to the task?
See also: equal, task

be taken to task (by someone)

To be scolded, rebuked, reprimanded, or held accountable (by someone). I was taken to task by the headmaster for disrupting class again. It's not entirely fair that the bankers are the only ones being taken to task for the economic collapse, when a great many politicians are to blame as well.
See also: taken, task

get taken to task (by someone)

To be scolded, rebuked, reprimanded, or criticized (by someone). I got taken to task by the headmaster for disrupting class again. It's not entirely fair that the bankers are the only ones getting taken to task for the economic collapse, when a great many politicians are to blame as well.
See also: get, taken, task

an uphill task

A task that is very daunting from the outset and continues to be challenging. The incumbent is so popular that defeating her will be an uphill task. I'm terrible at math, so I have a real uphill task ahead of me if I want to improve my grade in Algebra.
See also: task, uphill

take (one) to task

To scold, reprimand, lecture, or hold one accountable for some wrong or error they committed. Mom took me to task over my terrible report card. You don't have to take everyone to task who misuses the word "literally," you know.
See also: take, task

task (one) with (something)

To assign one the responsibility of completing some task. Often used in passive constructions. The boss tasked me with scanning all the documents so that we have a digital copy of each one. The committee was tasked with determining whether there was any criminal negligence involved.
See also: task

on task

Focused on and committed to a given task. We've got to stay on task if we want to finish the project before the deadline. I really wish you would stay on task and stop getting sidetracked.
See also: on, task

come to the job with something

 and come to the position with something; come to the task with something
to bring a particular quality to a task or job. She comes to the job with great enthusiasm. Ann comes to this position with a lot of experience.
See also: come, job

take someone to task

to scold or reprimand someone. The teacher took John to task for his bad behavior. I lost a big contract, and the boss took me to task in front of everyone.
See also: take, task

take to task

Upbraid, scold; blame or censure. For example, The teacher took Doris to task for turning in such a sloppy report. This term, dating from the mid-1700s, at first meant either assigning or challenging someone to a task. Its current sense dates from the late 1800s.
See also: take, task

take someone to task

reprimand or criticize someone severely for a fault or mistake.
See also: someone, take, task

take somebody to ˈtask (about/for/over something)

criticize somebody forcefully (for doing something wrong): I was taken to task for arriving late.She took the Government to task over its economic record. OPPOSITE: give somebody/yourself a pat on the back
See also: somebody, take, task

an uphill ˈstruggle/ˈbattle/ˈtask

something that is difficult and takes a lot of effort over a long period of time: After the recent scandal, he faces an uphill struggle to win back public support before the next election.
See also: battle, struggle, task, uphill

task with

To give someone or something some task: The president tasked the committee with investigating the accident. The accounting group was tasked with the responsibility of producing a budget report.
See also: task

on task

mod. paying attention to the job at hand. I find it hard to stay on task with all those babes going by.
See also: on, task
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If one task seems to be causing a pileup, workers should be flexible enough to help out with that task rather than continuing their own and burying the downstream worker.
While the primary task of finding relevant cases (for positive tasks) may be successfully completed with either traditional keyword searching or CBR searching, the lack of understanding of the underlying principles may prevent users from taking full advantage of similar systems.
To address these issues, the task force recommended three new technical advice processes: (i) a streamlined general advice process, (ii) a case-specific process for providing advice to the field, and (iii) a new category of generic, industry-specific legal advice.
Complete a task analysis for all tasks requiring human intervention to determine the key components and KSAs necessary.
After the participants performed each task one more time, a final, fourth scan revealed which parts of the brain were active while the subjects performed the task.
The Deployment Support Brigade Installation Team of Task Force Bastogne consists of about 20 to 25 Soldiers at any given time from the 1394th and 1190th Deployment Support Brigades temporarily assigned to Fort Campbell.
2001) examined the effect of interspersing easier problems every third within a mathematics worksheet had on increasing time on task as compared to a control condition.
As KAFB's ESPC program has grown to five task orders covering over 200 facilities, having the ESCO come from off base to perform its work is not practical.
Task force coordinators constitute a critical component of the JTTF.
The Proposed Schedule M-3 Task Force (chaired by Bob Kilinskis) analyzed the proposed form and related procedures, and recommended (1) deferring the effective date for using the new form until tax years beginning after 2006; (2) limiting the initial application to corporations with assets of $250 million or more; and (3) deferring implementation of certain reporting requirements for two tax years, which would give taxpayers sufficient time to develop the information system needed for compliance.
The majority of those consulted by the task force, headed by Bishop Victoria Matthews of the diocese of Edmonton, believe that AEO "must be interim in nature, and must provide security and safety to those who request it.
With these theories in mind, we set out to examine whether boys report greater self-reliance with regard to diabetes care tasks than do their parents or than do girls.
Given Risk's impact, it still comes as something of a surprise to me (as it has on other occasions since 1983) to find that the main critical arrow of the task force's retrospective is misaimed.
LeAnn House, NCTM, of Minnesota, will chair the State Syllabus Task Force.
To say the industry was surprised is an understatement," said Kent Swig, a task force member and co-chairman of Brown Harris Stevens LLC Group.