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Additional clinical data would enable the study of long-term efficacies of TAR compared with ankle fusion, as the risks of postoperative complications of TAR, such as bone resorption, contact stress and migration, increase with time.
GlobalData values the global TAR market across the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, Brazil, China and India at US$100.
Do not "gravel-in" a coal tar and felt roof with any asphalt material.
Repair coal tar roofs with coal tar-based repair compounds and asphalt roof membranes with asphalt-based materials.
The absorbed dose rates in air calculated from the radioactivity concentration of the various samples are given in Tables 1 and 2 for the overburden, shale, and tar sand respectively.
Application of Resistivity sounding in exploration for Nigerian Tar Sand, Energy Exploration and Exploitation Vol.
Based in Ottawa, with an extensive background in freshwater and international trade policy, Clarke examines the tar sands from Canadian and American energy-policy perspectives, drawing primarily from secondary sources.
Producing oil from the tar sands is scraping the bottom of the oil barrel.
The Tar Sands had a voice-of-God narrator, a traditional documentary technique; Allan King's Marie was shot in black and white; Gordon Pinsent's A Far Cry From Home featured gut-wrenching scenes of spousal abuse shot with a hand-held camera.