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dead on target

1. Precisely aimed, as of a shot or throw. His shot was dead on target from nearly midfield, placed perfectly in the corner of the goal. That pitcher has been throwing dead on target all game, striking out nearly every batter.
2. Exactly correct or to the intended point. I think her speech was dead on target about what this country needs to prioritize for the future.
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Target run

A shopping trip to the department store Target. A: "How does every Target run end up costing me at least $50?" B: "Because you say you're only getting milk and paper towels, and then you come home with 12 other things."
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on target

As predicted, expected, or planned; totally accurate or precise. Her figures for the tax bill were right on target. The new doctor is a walking encyclopedia—she's always on target with her observations.
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be shooting for the same target

Of two or more people, to be working toward the same aim or goal. Look, I know we disagree sometimes, but we're still shooting for the same target here—we both want Mom to get the best medical care possible.
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Very accurate; precise. So far their forecasts have been on-target, so I suggest we heed their warning. I must say, Robert, your analysis is right on-target.

target (someone or something) as (something)

To intend or aim for someone or something to become something or serve some purpose. The party targeted her as a viable presidential candidate very early on. We're targeting May as the launch period for our next product.
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on target

on schedule; exactly as predicted. Your estimate of the cost was right on target. My prediction was not on target.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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on target

Completely accurate, wholly valid, as in Our cost estimates were right on target, or His criticisms were on target. This seemingly old expression dates only from the mid-1900s, and the colloquial use of target for a goal one wishes to achieve dates from about 1940.
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be shooting for the same target

If two people are shooting for the same target, they are in agreement about what they are trying to achieve together. Two brains are better than one in this area, especially when they're shooting for the same target. Just so we can be sure we're both shooting at the same target, here's a summary of what will happen on Friday night.
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a ˌsitting ˈduck/ˈtarget

a person or thing that is very easy to attack or criticize: It’s always easy to criticize teachers; they’re just sitting ducks.
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mod. timely; exact; incisive. Your criticism is exactly on-target.

on target

Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.
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In this regard, it was suggested that "combat support services" is a status ascribed to personnel irrespective of whether they fulfil their function or not, and thus personnel providing combat support services would be targetable irrespective of whether their specific activities are actually carried out.
The process above was utilized for the full suite of intelligence collection/target acquisition assets which provided targetable data within the published targeting standards and assisted the FAIO in providing recommendations to ACE chief on changes to high value targets.
For CRC, MCODER identified pharmacologically targetable protein complexes in three of the four CMSs (Supplementary Data 2).
(38) In addition, those who hold a continuous combat function (CCF) arguably hold functional combatancy and are consequently targetable. (39) This means that they are targetable in the same way as combatants in IAC but are not immune from prosecution for their otherwise lawful conduct during warfare.
This may seem like a small point, but it keeps the focus on the tangible agent, the COG, which is targetable and the focus of planning efforts.
But even at the height of science advisors' influence, weapons scientists had created the hydrogen bomb, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMS), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMS), and multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVS), not to mention thousands of nuclear warheads.
These are powerful lead generation lists that include email address lists, social mailing lists, postal data and more that build customized targetable audiences.
Molecular testing for MET exon 14 skipping should be performed on all lung cancers because this alteration is targetable with currently available therapy, Dr.
The Kremlin has added systems, such as road-mobile, intercontinental ballistic missiles with multiple independently targetable warheads, that we neither have nor envision.
MIRV stands for multiple independendy targetable reentry vehicle.
Three targetable mutations are proving common, she said, and the next step would be a large epidemiological study to determine why young people are getting these types of lung cancers.
MADISON, Wis., September 21, 2015 -- Scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a way to predict developmental neurotoxicity using stem cells to model features of the developing human brain targetable by toxic chemicals or drugs.
Dr Lucy Yates, of the Wellcome Trust's institute at Hinxton, Cambs, said: "Some of these genetic alterations are potentially targetable with drugs."
It's targetable. Because mobile phones have the capability of knowing who you are, where you are, where you are going, what you are reading and where you are shopping, they represent an unprecedented opportunity to send targeted offers to the right customer in the right place at the right time.
The US pioneered this technology, called multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle, or MIRV, when it was in competition with the Soviet Union.
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