target as

target (someone or something) as (something)

To intend or aim for someone or something to become something or serve some purpose. The party targeted her as a viable presidential candidate very early on. We're targeting May as the launch period for our next product.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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For example, if the whole target is represented by the fungus family and the bull's eye by mushrooms, a vague thought which can only hit the target as a whole is not much use from a culinary point of view.
Considering the gamma attenuation in the target as well as the solid angle for the detector, the number of photons into a detector, per time bin is 3 X [10.sup.4], so that the relative width is [1/[square root of N]] [equivalent] 0.6%.
Proponents of this theory adopted a "two transaction" approach that views Parent's acquisition of an equity interest in Target as a separate transaction from the subsequent exchange of stock for the subsidiary.
Parent should account for Subsidiary's transfer to Target as a purchase of Target under Opinion no.
338(h)(10) election ignores the stock sale; rather, it treats the target as though it first sold all of its assets, then liquidated under Sec.
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