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be shooting for the same target

Of two or more people, to be working toward the same aim or goal. Look, I know we disagree sometimes, but we're still shooting for the same target here—we both want Mom to get the best medical care possible.
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dead on target

1. Precisely aimed, as of a shot or throw. His shot was dead on target from nearly midfield, placed perfectly in the corner of the goal. That pitcher has been throwing dead on target all game, striking out nearly every batter.
2. Exactly correct or to the intended point. I think her speech was dead on target about what this country needs to prioritize for the future.
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hit two targets with one arrow

To complete, achieve, or take care of two tasks at the same time or with a singular series of actions; to solve two problems with one action or solution. I might as well hit two targets with one arrow and drop off my tax forms while I'm at the mall for the computer part I need. Bike-to-work schemes are a great way of hitting two targets with one arrow—getting more exercise while cutting down on the cost of your daily commute.
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on target

As predicted, expected, or planned; totally accurate or precise. Her figures for the tax bill were right on target. The new doctor is a walking encyclopedia—she's always on target with her observations.
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Very accurate; precise. So far their forecasts have been on-target, so I suggest we heed their warning. I must say, Robert, your analysis is right on-target.

running target

1. A target that is moved as one attempts to hit it with bullets from a firearm. My accuracy is not the greatest, so I'm definitely not ready to work with running targets.
2. Something that frequently changes, making it difficult to achieve, define, understand, etc. Sometimes, work in the medical field it's so fast-paced that it feels like you're trying to hit a running target.
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target (someone or something) as (something)

To intend or aim for someone or something to become something or serve some purpose. The party targeted her as a viable presidential candidate very early on. We're targeting May as the launch period for our next product.
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Target run

A shopping trip to the department store Target. A: "How does every Target run end up costing me at least $50?" B: "Because you say you're only getting milk and paper towels, and then you come home with 12 other things."
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on target

on schedule; exactly as predicted. Your estimate of the cost was right on target. My prediction was not on target.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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on target

Completely accurate, wholly valid, as in Our cost estimates were right on target, or His criticisms were on target. This seemingly old expression dates only from the mid-1900s, and the colloquial use of target for a goal one wishes to achieve dates from about 1940.
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be shooting for the same target

If two people are shooting for the same target, they are in agreement about what they are trying to achieve together. Two brains are better than one in this area, especially when they're shooting for the same target. Just so we can be sure we're both shooting at the same target, here's a summary of what will happen on Friday night.
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a ˌsitting ˈduck/ˈtarget

a person or thing that is very easy to attack or criticize: It’s always easy to criticize teachers; they’re just sitting ducks.
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mod. timely; exact; incisive. Your criticism is exactly on-target.
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on target

Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.
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In this case the imaginary part of the T-violating field is separated from four neutron spectra, two of which are measured with a non-polarized target.
8% Services sector grew by 4.7% and the target set in this sector was 6.
About 7,855 ha of land were brought under wheat cultivation with a production target of 25,922 MT.
The Port of San Fernando, which collected P288 million from the P284-million target; the Port of Clark with P145 million from its P137-million target; the Port of Legaspi, which collected P71 million compared to its P25-million target;
Google's announcement today that shopping will soon be available via the Google Assistant on eligible Android phones and iPhones, joining Google Home and Android TV, will allow Target guests to make their Target Run from a phone solely using voice commands, a first for the company.
The FAIO, fire support officers (planners) along with the DIVARTY targeting officer or Fires planner need to conduct offensive fire planning for all of the objectives and develop a target list worksheet (TLWS) for each.
MORE THAN EVER, THE DEFENSIVE handgunner has an abundance of targets to train with.
For a ( Samsung 55" 4K Motion Rate 120 curved Smart Ultra HD TV , Target is making it available for $697.99, saving shoppers $402 off the original price.
A field target match consists of multiple lanes of fire, each with one, two or even three targets placed at unknown distances from 10 to 55 yards.
The shooting surfaces of all the Rimfire Steel targets are made of through hardened 1/4″ AR500 armor steel, a slightly thinner version of the 3/8” AR500 armor steel Action Target uses to manufacture its handgun grade targets.
Assume that two years before Parent sold the stock of Target to Buyer, the stock of Target had been owned by Sub, another subsidiary of Parent.
Instead of determining which intelligence assets to devote to positively identifying the target, this function was combined with the deliver function to describe how the desired results should be reached.
1966 The first Target store outside of Minne-sotea open, in the Denver area.
CHICAGO -- Target Corp.'s expansion into Canada is taking shape.