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The EPA will accept public comment on the Tar Creek Strategic Plan over the next 30 days.
The bank finances pipelines for controversial tar sands projects.
'Since he has full confidence in the leaders of the alumni association, he should invite the TAR UC alumni association to manage the institution.
The long-term stability has maintained a good momentum, the law- based governance is solidly promoted, the exchange between various ethnic groups is constantly deepened and the sense of security and satisfaction of all ethnic groups is the key success of TAR's progress and prosperity.
So the easy fix is to have a fellow worker follow the tar pourer with a shovel and a bucket of gravel, which he/she spreads over the liquid tar.
Following reports that poor-quality tar is being shipped out of Iran under the name of Iranian commercial brands, the government has decided to export tar only under a permit issued by the Oil Ministry, Majid Azami, a senior official with the Jay Oil Company, said on June 11, IRIB news agency reported.
PMI Korea also cited a recommendation of the World Health Organization, which does not regard tar content as a reason for tobacco regulations.
Molapowabojang/Mmathethe lawmaker also hastened to explain to Gasita populace that tarring of Motlhalawakgomo/Selokolela was covered under government policy to tar every access road within a radius of 10km from the main road.
The tar which was used as an adhesive to join spear points to handles, is considered an important step in human knowledge and which furthered our dominance over the food chain.
Because of the lower viscosity of coal tar, decreasing the content of carbon and ash particles in upper and middle layer, the ash content decreased from 0.168% to 0.092%.
Their power comes from Sultan's deft layering of Masonite, linoleum, tar, and plaster that is used to represent the smoky depths of the subject matter that he conjures," notes Sarah Newman, the James Dicke Curator of Contemporary Art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, who is coordinating the exhibition in Washington, D.C., where it is on view through Sept.
Thrombocytopenia absent radius (TAR) syndrome is a rare genetic anomaly presenting with bilateral radial aplasia and thrombocytopenia.
Los Angeles is dotted with sticky tar deposits that formed naturally over millions of years.
A coal tar in bulk quantity is produced during pyrolysis, but it contains high range of heavy organic components having boiling point greater than 360[degrees]C called pitch.