tap (one) for (something)

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tap (one) for (something)

To select someone for some particular opportunity, especially to take up a specific role, position, or purpose. Often used in passive constructions. The decorated general has been tapped by the president for the position of Secretary of State. I can't believe the boss tapped me for the big promotion!
See also: tap

tap for

To select someone for something, such as an appointment to an office: The mayor tapped his top aide for the position of communications director.
See also: tap

tap someone

See also: someone, tap

tap someone (for something)

tv. to select someone for some purpose or position. The committee tapped John to run for Congress.
See also: someone, something, tap
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Tapping us for money is one thing but being led on a merry dance with veiled threats is certainly a unique way of looking for a licence fee hike.
"They'll call on us to help them with due diligence or give them strategic advice and then when we're done with that it's time to do taxes and audit work, we provide so many services that at any given time a large client may be tapping us for some thing."