tap (one) into (something)

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tap (one) into (something)

1. To connect one to some network or community. One of my co-workers tapped me into the local grunge music scene after she heard that I like The Smashing Pumpkins. Her newfound celebrity tapped her into a new social sphere of wealth and power.
2. To connect one to some emotional, intellectual, or spiritual area of thought or life. The author's words really tapped me into a part of my subconscious I didn't even know existed. The conference aims to tap people into their artistic sides that may have been neglected over the years.
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tap something into something

 and tap something in
to move something in with light blows. The mechanic tapped the bracket into place. The worker tapped in the bracket.
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tap into

1. To gain access to some resource: The building tapped into the city's water supply.
2. To take advantage of some sentiment: The politician tapped into voter anger and won the election.
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