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It was almost dark and I was tapping the lava rocks with a substandard tapping stick when Miss Jang surprised us.
He waved a tapping stick at me and wagged his tongue back and forth with the motion of the stick and I think he was a madman.
Carbide taps are expensive and in some cases the brittle carbide can quickly breakdown under the high stresses found in tapping.
Required machining operations include drilling, multiple-hole tapping, and some boring performed with a compound tool to finish seat diameters on particular parts.
An average 15 spindles per machine perform all required machining operations, mainly drilling and tapping. Approximately 45,000 finished castings are produced per day, with seasonal fluctuations reflecting consumer demand for heating systems.
The six steel balls, spaced 60 deg apart and about 3/4[inches] inside the tapholder, distribute driving torque very evenly and are far less susceptible to the shock loads imposed when the spindle of the tapping machine is reversed to back out the tap.
Rigid tapping has evolved from a hot-selling option for most vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers to standard fare.
He spun out an exciting riff, embedding stomps in complex tapping. His upper body reacted to the legwork with a natural and edgy vitality.
Many factors must be considered in selecting the right tap and tapholding devices, including the method of tapping (manual or machine), the material to be tapped (heat treatment), the length of thread or depth of the tapped hole, required tolerance or class of fit, as well as the production equipment being used.
Tapping is by nature a difficult metal removal operation.
Smith's series took shape as a resolutely informal talkathon, pausing for live tapping and film footage, with dancers of different traditions, from Irish step dancer Josephine McNamara, gamine and nervy, to amiably improper Bostonian Dianne Walker.
Tapping is a very important part of metalworking--it helps hold things together.
In "Bambu Beat," choreographed by artistic director Heather Cornell, Crosspulse's Keith Terry grooved onto center stage lightly tapping a quitiplas (bamboo stick).
Tapping is a time-consuming and expensive operation, so there is a continual striving to improve tap life, and at the same time increase the speeds at which taps run.
Part and parcel of the down-to-earth tapping are the back-to-basics work-clothes costuming and improvised musical instruments.