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on the tapis

Up for or under consideration. (Whence the still-current English idiom "on the carpet.") The issue of budget decreases remained on the tapis throughout the board meeting. We don't have time to discuss those issues, but don't worry, they'll be on the tapis the next time we meet.
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on the tapis rouge

obsolescent Literally, "on the red carpet," referring to the red carpets spread out at the entrances of premieres and awards shows. The only reason I watch these awards is to see the dresses the movie stars wear out on the tapis rouge.
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on the tapis

(of a subject) under consideration or discussion.
This expression is a partial translation of the French phrase sur le tapis , meaning literally ‘on the carpet’. A carpet in this context is a covering for a table rather than a floor, as indeed it is in the English idiom on the carpet. It refers to the covering of the council table around which a matter would be debated.
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on the tapis

Under consideration.
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Signe annonciateur d'une soiree particuliere, George Pennacchio, l'un des presentateurs de la chaine ABC, qui retransmet la ceremonie a la television americaine, a indique que plusieurs invites avaient refuse de repondre aux questions lors de leur passage sur le tapis rouge.
Cette fete, qui celebre la beaute du tapis, ses couleurs et ses textures, a egalement pour but de preserver ce patrimoine culturel immateriel lie aux metiers de l'artisanat, ainsi que de mettre en evidence une activite generatrice de revenus pour de nombreuses tisseuses, pour la plupart femmes au foyer, a-t-il dit.
Parallelement, plus de 20 autres magasins prives de commercialisation des tapis et tissages ras, proposeront une remise a partir de 20%.
Petronas is currently working on three major EOR initiatives -- Tapis, Guntong and Bokor, Nasir Darman, head of Petronas' EOR technology division said this week.
Dans le contexte du centenaire, le Bureau de regie interne a decide de remplacer la moquette rouge defraichie par un tapis vert, conformement aux plans originaux des architectes, qui datent de 1908, et a la recommandation formulee par le Comite multipartite en 1978.
The top lot of the entire collection was Henri Matisse's painting, Les Coucous, tapis bleu et rose, 1911 (above), which sold for pounds 31.
Dans cette salle sont exposes des objets charges d'un sens particulier: meubles, tapis, couvertures, serviettes, des coussins avec des taies d'oreillers brodees a la main ou tissees, les plus belles icones, des assiettes en email.
Allied Carpets, which has a store at Leeds Road Retail Park, Bradley Mills, and more than 220 outlets UK-wide, is being offered for sale by parent company Tapis Saint Maclou, Europe's largest carpet retailer.
Delta said items available in the upcoming SkyMiles Online Auction include tickets to the Premiere Performance of KOOZA from Cirque du Soleil in Toronto, with the winning bidder receiving access to the Tapis Rouge VIP Suite and the Premiere celebration after the performance.
ARTS DE L A RUELes Tapis volants: spectacles et thE[umlaut]Eotre de la rue offerts par de jeunes Jordaniens avec le soutien du Centre Culturel franE*ais dans diffE[umlaut]rentes rE[umlaut]gions du Royaume.
The stars gathered before the show in the Tapis Rouge tent for bubbly, Mideastern noshes and warm-up weirdness from fine-feathered bird-girls.
Bishku); "Tourism in Morocco and Tunisia" (Scott Youngstedt); and "Le Souk; Les Tapis et les Kilims du Maghreb" (Ann Line).
But as South Africa is so much on the tapis just now, we may point out a slight inaccuracy in that quarter of the map, which is shown as tea consuming, but growing none.
At present, the only spot markets for Asian crude oils are limited to Dubai crude oil as a pricing marker for sour crude oils, and Tapis (Malaysia) as a pricing marker for sweet crude oils.
5 million for Allied in August, but saw its offer trumped one month later by French carpet retailer Tapis Saint-Maclou.