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on the tapis

Up for or under consideration. (Whence the still-current English idiom "on the carpet.") The issue of budget decreases remained on the tapis throughout the board meeting. We don't have time to discuss those issues, but don't worry, they'll be on the tapis the next time we meet.
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on the tapis rouge

dated On the red carpet (referring to the red carpet at the entrances of premieres and awards shows). "Tapis rouge" is French for "red carpet." The only reason I watch these awards is to see the dresses the movie stars wear out on the tapis rouge.
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on the tapis

(of a subject) under consideration or discussion.
This expression is a partial translation of the French phrase sur le tapis , meaning literally ‘on the carpet’. A carpet in this context is a covering for a table rather than a floor, as indeed it is in the English idiom on the carpet. It refers to the covering of the council table around which a matter would be debated.
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on the tapis

Under consideration.
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Le comite d'organisation s'attele a assurer une organisation parfaite a cette 50eme fete du tapis traditionnel, a l'effet d'assurer une reussite maximale a cette importante manifestation socioeconomique et culturelle pour stimuler les activites touristiques et artisanales, a assure la meme source .
I'm expecting Tapis Wizard to appreciate the return to a more conventional, flat, galloping, left-handed track.
Cette piece est decoree surtout avec des tissus, qui sont tous faits dans la maison, par la mere de famille et ses filles, en conformite avec les normes de la communaute: Tous sont faits dans la maison ; il n'est pas question d'acheter un tapis. C'est meme une honte d'aller acheter [des tissus] (Viorica I.
Newspaper reports said Tapis had appointed investment bank Lazard to find buyers for the Allied business.
ARTS DE L A RUELes Tapis volants: spectacles et thE[umlaut]Eotre de la rue offerts par de jeunes Jordaniens avec le soutien du Centre Culturel franE*ais dans diffE[umlaut]rentes rE[umlaut]gions du Royaume.En mai: le 24 Ea Fuheis, le 26 Ea Irbid,le 27 Ea Kerak, le 28 Ea Aqaba et le 30 Ea Zarqa.MUSIQUEAmman en MusiqueMardi 28 mai: Duo, violon, SatE[umlaut]nik Khourdoian et piano, Varduhi YeritsyanUnion Bank, Shmeisani, salle de concert- 20h.PARLONS CINEMACarte blanche Ea Ahmed BedjaouiAu Centre Culturel FranE*ais Ea 19hLundi 4 juin: M de Fritz Land (Allemagne, 1931)EXPOSITIONS- Gallerie OrfaliExposition des oeuvres de 7 artistes de nationalitE[umlaut]s diffE[umlaut]rentes autour des poE tes Frederico Garcia Lorca (Espagne) et Abdul wahab Al Bayati(Irak).
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At present, the only spot markets for Asian crude oils are limited to Dubai crude oil as a pricing marker for sour crude oils, and Tapis (Malaysia) as a pricing marker for sweet crude oils.
The group bid pounds 72.5 million for Allied in August, but saw its offer trumped one month later by French carpet retailer Tapis Saint-Maclou.
FRENCH retailer Tapis Saint-Maclou yesterday launched an pounds 84.2million bid for ailing Allied Carpets.
They are the precursors of a new and different sensibility, and a new relationship of humanity to nature, brilliantly analyzed by Vincent Scully who argues that 'In the Italian garden, water is the awesome gift of the earth; in the French garden, water becomes primarily the optical medium by means of which the sky is reflected'.(7) Scully describes the great canal at Versailles where 'our gaze moves rapidly down the tapis vert, but when it hits the water it literally takes off.
Le fabricant de tapis, Artco, revoit ses ambitions a la hausse.
District police chief Supt Ahsmon Bajah said the men aged between 22 and 40 were picked up at 2.40am during an operation dubbed 'Ops Tapis' by the Narcotics Investigation Division of the district police headquarters and the Kota Tinggi National Drug-Agency (AADK).