taped up

tape up

1. To mend or repair something with adhesive tape. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tape" and "up." A: "Dad, Sarah ripped the cover off of my favorite book!" B: "Don't worry, we can just tape it up." I had to tape up the side of my tent to keep the rain out for the rest of the camping trip.
2. To wrap an injured part of someone's body with athletic or medical tape. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tape" and "up." The team's medic taped me up on the sidelines and sent me right back into the game. The athletic trainer spent nearly an hour taping up all the football players before they went out to practice.
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taped up

1. Sealed shut with tape. You've got to make sure your package is totally taped up before you ship it in the mail. The envelope was taped up so no one would be able to open it unnoticed.
2. Mended or held together by tape. The saxophone I bought at the garage sale is in great condition, though its case is all worn and taped up. The book's pages are falling out and its spine is taped up, but I just can't bear to replace it.
3. Completely finalized or definitively resolved. We're hoping to have this deal taped up by the end of the week. The whole thing's taped up—there's nothing more I can do.
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mod. finalized; sealed (up); cinched. (As if one were taping a package.) I’ll have this deal taped by Thursday. Then we can take it easy.
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