tap with

tap (someone or something) with (something)

To use some item or instrument to strike someone or something very swiftly and lightly. He tapped the nail with his hammer so as not to damage the wall. The police officer tapped the man with his baton and asked what he was up to.
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tap something with something

to make light blows on something with something. Alice tapped the table with her keys in an annoying fashion. Just tap the nail lightly with your hammer.
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Figure 1 presents a classic tap with four flutes and the chips' shape obtained during the tapping process.
A tap with a L2 designation is 0.0010 below the basic size.
As a child, Allen studied dance and music at the Elma Lewis School in Roxbury and tap with Stanley Brown, which connects her son directly into the rich Boston lineage of African American artists and tappers, including Jimmy Slyde, Dianne Walker, and the late Leon Collins.
A Miami native, Salstein, 22, studied jazz and tap with Mia Michaels before turning to ballet after winning a Star Search contest when he was 11.
From Bali to Japan, choreographers are creating a fusion of tap with concepts as diverse as Afro-Cuban beat and Norse gods.
Often, this movement is programmed to coincide closely with the disengagement of the tap with the hole.
"They're bringing together a new combination of musical and theater traditions, which is then presented hack in the States." An example is Brazilian-based Valeria Pinheiro of Vata Tap, who blends tap with legends of Afro-Brazilian deities (orixas).
Third, Butterfly has a long track record of linking tap with social justice issues.
Performers included COBU, a trio of women from Japan who combined rhythm tap with taiko drumming; Rod Ferrone and Marietta Clark in a vaudeville-style act; Jenny Lane in a tribute to tap legend Eleanor Powell; Gil Stroming and Break the Floor in a Stomp-like rhythm-tap-and-bucket drumming fusillade; teen up-and-comer Michela Marino Lerman; the irrepressible singer Mable Lee; and Rhythm Iss, a quintet of women rhythm tappers impressive as much for their exuberant spirit as for their blistering footwork.
It took several years to catch up with Savion Glover and talk tap with him.
boasts a strong repertory of rhythm- and jazz-influenced tap with pieces by Cartier, Stegmann, Jay Fagan, and Lane Alexander, among others.
Add to these moderns Barry Blumenfeld, who calls his work Tap Fusion, a combo of tap with modern.