tap someone

tap (one) for (something)

1. To select someone for some particular opportunity, especially to take up a specific role, position, or purpose. Often used in passive constructions. The decorated general has been tapped by the president for the position of Secretary of State. I can't believe the boss tapped me for the big promotion!
2. To ask one for something, especially money. He tapped his parents for $50 to cover the cost of the ticket. Every week, Janet taps me for a couple dollars. It has really started adding up!
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tap (one) to (do something)

To select someone to perform or undertake some specific action. Often used in passive constructions. The decorated attorney has been tapped by the president to lead the investigation. I can't believe the boss tapped me to run the new office in London!
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tap someone

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I struggle to believe that anyone hasn't had that awkward moment of, after mumbling "excuse me" a couple of times, having to tap someone on the shoulder to get them to move out your way.
When you have a former entertainer as president, perhaps it would be prudent to tap someone from the entertainment industry--more specifically the reality television industry.
By transforming your firm today to accommodate the expectations of the leaders of tomorrow, you can ensure that when it is time to sell or tap someone to take over, taking over your firm will not only be appealing but exciting.
When reboots are made, most productions tap someone or several people from the original cast to appear in the modern remake.
As president, she probably would like to tap someone younger, more liberal and of a more diverse background than the 63-year-old Garland, who was first nominated in March.
All the big mining companies who are destroying the environment, they have to stop, he said, indicating that he would tap someone from the military to head the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and enforce his orders.
Joseph is a capital idea - to tap someone to work for us while we have our rest.
It was a nice, hefty phone and I could use it to tap someone on the head if they got too obnoxious.
He did not think, however, that Romney would tap someone who adds strength in particular geographic regions.
The aim is to tap someone on the head or knee while avoiding being tapped yourself.