tap into

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tap into (something)

To access some large, abundant, or powerful resource. The man was found guilty for illegally tapping into the city's electrical grid without paying. The new film taps into the nostalgia of fans who grew up with the franchise when they were kids.
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tap something into something

 and tap something in
to move something in with light blows. The mechanic tapped the bracket into place. The worker tapped in the bracket.
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tap into

1. To gain access to some resource: The building tapped into the city's water supply.
2. To take advantage of some sentiment: The politician tapped into voter anger and won the election.
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Luckily, it dropped down for me and I was there to tap in.
I know the first was a tap in but the second was a great header and the third a terrific finish on the volley.
Whether it's a tap in, or off your ear it doesn't matter once it goes in.
In 53 minutes Dave Rowson pushed down the right and squared across goal to give Buchanan an easy tap in.
Jose Dominguez came off the bench to tap in the third in injury time and it was his effort that prompted Graham to criticise Ginola.
Bryan Jurynec got two tap ins, one the fruit of industry in the corner, the other a break by Jerramie Domish after Cardiff turned the puck over with a two man advantage.
The Derbyshire outfit took the lead in this UniBond League Premier Division match after ten minutes when a defensive error gave Simon Barraclough the simplest of tap ins.
That howler was easily matched at the other end after 22 minutes when Matt Hamshaw's pass somehow sailed over the head of Shrewsbury's 6ft 6ins goalkeeper Scott Bevan giving a thankful Michael Boulding the easiest of tap ins.
Barry did find an equaliser between those Neath goals, following a mix-up between central defender Stephen Evans and goalkeeper Huw Liddell which allowed Fran Ford the simplest of tap ins.
The big Belgian was the Bayern Munich goalkeeper who ran to his near post like Dale Winton waving off his mum,giving Gray and Sharp tap ins on Goodison's greatest night.
The hitman netted his hat-trick with two goals in five minutes - both close-range tap ins.
It was tough on Adders but they did not heed the lesson again allowing Seedel far too much time and space in after the break and he picked out Steve Eyango-Bwango for the simplest of tap ins.
Lairds were hit by a sucker punch when Whitfield failed to connect with a clearance, leaving Mark Ashton with the easiest of tap ins.
Laird wrapped up a fine display five minutes from time when Chris Nezianya in a one to one with the Brigg keeper selflessly knocked the ball sideways to give Hay the simplest of tap ins for his brace.