tap down

tap something down

to pound something down with light blows. Please tap that nail down so no one gets hurt on it. Tap down the tack, if you would.
See also: down, tap
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So much so that in Covington, Rob Smith, an adviser at Edward Jones there, said he tries to tap down on the enthusiasm.
A deliberate tap down by Gareth Rees meant Swansea were temporarily reduced to 14 men.
A quick tap down from the consequent line-out was taken by centre Tom Owen but he lost control of the ball in the tackle in his dive for the line.
But turning the tap down to half, to fill a bowl, it just injects a cloudy deposit.
Often we had really good positions to launch attacks from, whether line-outs in their half or even when we took a tap down there we played our way down there and then just turned the ball over.
The family has to carry in its drinking water from a tap down the street.
The Yorkshireman is facing a disciplinary tribunal for using his golf ball to tap down a spike mark on his putting line at last month's BMW Masters in China.
Dyson, 35, was disqualified from last month's BMW Masters in Shanghai - meaning he could no longer qualify for the Race to Dubai finale this weekend - after using a golf ball to tap down what appeared to be a spike mark.
Using an old firing pin or a steel rod of the same diameter, tap down on the bolt body with a wooden mallet.
Bend your hips and knees as though you were going to sit down, but hover above the seat or tap down lightly with the buttocks instead; then, come back up to the starting position.
Pour the mixture evenly into 4 small dishes, move it around and tap down on top to flatten.
McIlroy, who had only managed 12 holes of his second round, said: "The greens were spiking up a bit and the official just asked us, out of courtesy to players behind, if we could tap down any spike marks we saw.
It is like turning the tap down instead of making the bucket bigger.
Gigginstown House Stud's sixyear-old gave backers only a splitsecond of doubt when pricking his ears mischievously approaching the final fence, but a firm tap down the shoulder by jockey Davy Russell refocused the Galway winner, who galloped away to score by six and a half lengths.