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temper tantrum

An extreme and childish display of unreasonable anger, frustration, or distemper. I can't believe you threw a temper tantrum like that just because I didn't want to go see some movie with you! Becca's been having really bad temper tantrums lately. I guess she's just going into the "terrible twos."
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throw a (temper) tantrum

To have an outburst of childish or unreasonable anger, frustration, or ill temper. I was so embarrassed when Danny started throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. You're adults, not children, and throwing a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go your way is not the way to address things.
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throw a tantrum

to have a temper tantrum; to put on an active display of childish temper. I never dreamed that Bob would throw a tantrum right there in the department store. You must be so embarrassed!
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throw a ˈtantrum

(British English also throw a ˈwobbly) (informal) suddenly become very angry and behave in an unreasonable way: When you were a child, you were always throwing tantrums.My mum would throw a wobbly if she knew what we’d been doing.
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Natasha and Dean Jones, from Rhyl, live with their three children who are six, four and 11 months old | TANTRUMS I think the secret to dealing with tantrums is to try and look at them differently.
It's not uncommon that a kid Alfie's age would throw a tantrum.
Don't say no, explain things: There are many parents who just say a big no whenever their kids throw tantrums.
Temper tantrums are most common when a child is making developmental spurts in abilities or thinking that are typically unevenly matched with self-control.
When frustrated and angry, many teenagers resort to temper tantrums that are subtler, less explosive and longer lasting than when they were toddlers.
The tantrums are brightly-coloured, textured ball shapes with oddly disturbing facial expressions and the effects of the tantrum throwing are depicted in CGI style with Oliver's Mom covered in realistic-looking water, food and toys.
Apparently, it's a mistake to see tantrums as a war of child versus parent.
Although temper tantrums among preschoolers are common, they are not particularly frequent, the research shows.
Giving in to these tantrums sets up an angry reward system and children will act aggressively in order to get their own way.
Focus question: What can be done to stop a giant from throwing tantrums and upsetting the people of the town?
Summary: After a decade of tears, tantrums and tribulations reality show Big Brother wrapped up its final program on Channel 4.
She cries all evening if one of her friends upsets her and has tantrums if I want to see friends of mine.
Well Ms Sawant, thank your stars it is just a month, because if it were more, you would have to handle the child's tantrums.
Rhesus macaque mothers are about twice as likely to let a howling infant have its way during very public tantrums than during more private moments, says Stuart Semple of Roehampton University in London.
Extreme tantrums often "run their lives," according to Dr.