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fly into a tantrum

To become uncontrollably angry or upset, especially in a childish or immature manner. Samantha flew into a tantrum when she heard that her brother would be getting the family's old car. I know you're upset, but there's no point flying into a tantrum like that. It was just an honest mistake.
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temper tantrum

An extreme and childish display of unreasonable anger, frustration, or distemper. I can't believe you threw a temper tantrum like that just because I didn't want to go see some movie with you! Becca's been having really bad temper tantrums lately. I guess she's just going into the "terrible twos."
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throw a (temper) tantrum

To have an outburst of childish or unreasonable anger, frustration, or ill temper. I was so embarrassed when Danny started throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. You're adults, not children, and throwing a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go your way is not the way to address things.
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throw a tantrum

to have a temper tantrum; to put on an active display of childish temper. I never dreamed that Bob would throw a tantrum right there in the department store. You must be so embarrassed!
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throw a ˈtantrum

(British English also throw a ˈwobbly) (informal) suddenly become very angry and behave in an unreasonable way: When you were a child, you were always throwing tantrums.My mum would throw a wobbly if she knew what we’d been doing.
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Although temper tantrums among preschoolers are common, they are not particularly frequent, the research shows.
Key question: What causes tantrums and how can they be avoided?
In an effort to make up for the time they have not been able to spend with the child, they end up giving in to their tantrums," says Nitya Ramaswami, head, child development and academic for the schools and pre-schools of Zee Learn.
In addition, the researchers recognized that providing daily, one-to-one behavioral treatment by certified behavioral healthcare providers to families experiencing frequent "Richter-scale" tantrums was financially impractical.
She removed the tangible item after 30s and said, "My turn." When Scott demonstrated tantrum behavior, the mother gave the tangible back to him and said, "Okay, it is your turn."
It's also easy to forget that, for the child, tantrums can be frightening and are always upsetting.
The tantrums can start as early as 18 months andlast until school age.
If you give in once, then your child will know exactly how to get his/her own way and no doubt the tantrums will become more frequent.
NewRiver has recruited Dr Sam Wass, of Channel 4's The Secret Life of Four Year Olds, to provide tips for taming tantrums to the 150 security staff across its 33 centres UK-wide.
"For most toddlers, tantrums are a way to express frustration."
If parents interpret a tantrum as manipulative, a moral failing, or an evil tendency, they tend to react with anger and even loss of control themselves.
Speaking alongside India's central bank governor Raghuram Rajan, Lagarde said the so-called ''taper tantrum'' that hit emerging economies hard in 2013 could be repeated.
CATTLE farmers have queued up to pay tribute to Royal Welsh veteran Pat Tantrum, who died last Friday after a long illness.
The tantrums are brightly-coloured, textured ball shapes with oddly disturbing facial expressions and the effects of the tantrum throwing are depicted in CGI style with Oliver's Mom covered in realistic-looking water, food and toys.
According to Michael Potegal, co-author of the study from the University of Minnesota, after collecting around 100 tantrum recordings, the team was able to analyse sounds and build up "the most quantitative theory of tantrums that has ever been developed in the history of humankind."