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catch a tan

To tan, as from the sun or in a tanning bed. The water's too cold for my liking, so I'll just catch a tan on the beach instead.
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farmer's tan

A tan line or sunburn on the neck and lower arms that results from wearing a T-shirt during prolonged sun exposure and that is clearly demarcated from the pale skin of the chest and upper arms that remained covered. It was so warm that I only wore a T-shirt on the four-hour hike, but I had a pretty gnarly farmer's tan by the end of the day.
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tan (one's) hide

To spank one. Young lady, I will tan your hide if you disobey me again!
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tan someone's hide

to spank someone. Billy's mother said she'd tan Billy's hide if he ever did that again. "I'll tan your hide if you're late!" said Tom's father.
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tan someone's hide

Also, have someone's hide. Spank or beat someone, as in Dad said he'd tan Billy's hide if he caught him smoking, or I'll have your hide if you take something without paying for it. This term uses hide in the sense of "skin." The allusion in the first expression is to a spanking that will change one's skin just as chemicals tan animal hide (convert it into leather). [Second half of 1600s]
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tan someone's hide

1 beat or flog someone. 2 punish someone severely.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Preserved like a tanned hide of an animal.) Tom is too tanned to drive. Get him out of that car.
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Although it is clear that appearance motives play an important role in tanning-related attitudes and behaviors, insofar as some individuals think they look better with tan skin, there is significantly less evidence on whether these judgments extend to others.
Right before you apply your tan, avoid moisturising all over and apply sparingly on dry areas, like ankles, knees, elbows, hands and feet.
The month-in-the-Maldives look was huge on the spring catwalks: 'I did five coats of tan at the Topshop show,' says Jules.
We have a ton of people come in trying to get a base tan before going on vacation, and because of that, they'll say it was the best vacation they've ever had.
Do thisafter you've exfoliated and, again, about 24 hours before applying fake tan
It's also fab for topping up a spray tan (my face always fades first) and magically disguising patchiness.
The self-tan range includes home products and professional spray tans and it's now available in beauty salons and day spas all over the UK and Ireland.
Another Campus Tans member says she visits the salon only once or twice in winter, and steps up her tanning in warm-weather months.
We revolutionized the sunless experience by providing customers several tools to get that perfect tan," said Troy Cooper, Mystic Tan founder and president.
We revolutionized the tanning world with our spray-on booths and are very excited we have reached 20 million tans," said Troy Cooper, founder and president of Mystic Tan.
Working in this capacity with a top-tier salon like Hollywood Tans demonstrates the value that Mystic Tan brings to the tanning salon market.
Mystic Tan is excited to announce that it is expanding yet again and taking Mystic Tan to Mexico, making it available in 12 countries.
The TANs are scheduled to sell competitively on Dec.
The 'F1+' rating on the county's TANs reflects adequate projected coverage on the repayment date, satisfactory legal protections for noteholders, significant levels of borrowable funds, and management's demonstrated ability to respond quickly to budget shortfalls and unexpected expenditure constraints.
The Mystic Tan Collection, a complete line of premium products for Pre-Sunless, Self-Tanners and Post-Sunless products keeps tans beautiful.