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Threads of joy ran in and out of the gray tangled web of daily living.
It was fully an hour thereafter that doubts began to enter Bulan's head, and as the day dragged on he came to realize that he and his weird pack were alone and lost in the heart of a strange and tangled web of tropical jungle.
Oh, Marilla, `what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.' That is poetry, but it is true.
Before he turned in that night his thoughts reverted many times to the beautiful young woman into the evidently tangled web of whose life fate had so strangely introduced him.
The story was an ordinary one enough, but something in Lovell's manner of telling it seemed somehow to bring into their consciousness the apprehension of the tangled web of passions which burned underneath its sordid details.
Spenser's genius was never for strongly condensed narrative, and following his Italian originals, though with less firmness, he wove his story as a tangled web of intermingled adventures, with almost endless elaboration and digression.
So the tangled web will be most speedily and most intelligibly unrolled.
TANGLED WEB WITH it confirmed that Black Widow will kick off phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year, there's still time to learn more about the deadly Russian assassin.
A tangled web of electric wires can also be seen, presumably providing power for the setup in Walthamstow.
Claire Everward, "A Tangled Web" is a very highly recommended addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.
Unfortunately, Liam is drawn into the tangled web spun by Cullen, who is now CEO of a housing consortium with politicians and police officers on its payroll.
Supergirl Sky One, 8pm It becomes clear how the sinister plans of Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer, left) have woven into a tangled web over the past two years - one that could finally be the end of Kara and her team.
what a tangled web you weave when you endeavour to deceive and by golly have we the British tax payer been deceived by our politicians.
A tangled web of intrigue propels McCall back into the orbit of his ex-partner Dave York (Pedro Pascal).
Kruger and Anvar's characters quickly become caught up in a tangled web of deception and espionage as her mission ends up spiraling their relationship into a complicated web that nearly ruins Farhad's life.