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tangle someone or something up

to entangle someone or something. Please don't tangle me up in your ropes. I tangled up my feet in the cords on the floor.
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tangle with someone or something (over someone or something)

to battle against someone or something about someone or something. Tim tangled with Karen over the children. I hope I don't have to tangle with the bank over this loan. I don't want to tangle with city hall.
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tangle up

1. To mix something together or intertwine it in a confused mass; snarl something: I accidentally tangled that rope up with the others. You've tangled up all the paper clips and now I can't separate them. The telephone cord is tangled up in a knot.
2. To catch and hold something in or as if in a net; entrap something: The children tangled the kite up in the branches. I tangled up the fishing lure as I was pulling it through the weeds. A dolphin became tangled up in the fishing net.
3. To involve someone in awkward or unsavory circumstances. Used chiefly in the passive: How did a good kid like you get tangled up with criminals? No politician would want to be tangled up in this sordid affair.
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tangle with

To enter into argument, dispute, or conflict with someone or something: The tenants were afraid to tangle with their landlord's expensive lawyers.
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tangle with someone/something

in. to quarrel or fight with someone or something. It’s like tangling with a grizzly.
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They really enjoyed Tangle and the swing boats," said their mum Toni, 43 and a care manager.
The No More Tangle is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
In Section 2, we describe the tangle decomposition of a (3 + 1)-free poset into clone sets and tangles and use it to compute the poset's automorphism group.
Tangle Teezer designer, Shaun Pulfrey, said: "This is an exciting time for the Tangle Teezer brand - we are always looking at ways we can make improvements to the design of our brand and we are pleased that Data Plastics is investing in this type of energy efficient machinery - it reflects well on the brand that not only do we have a good design but the manufacturing process used to produce it is one that has a lower carbon footprint.
Although he was only thirty years old, Tangle felt like an old man.
CHICAGO -- An experimental drug designed to attack neurofibrillary tau tangles significantly improved some measures of memory among patients with mild cognitive impairment, although it failed to meet its primary cognitive end point.
Tangle is original and innovative, part of its charm the blend of the familiar with the unknown.
Flying prey that encounter the tangle fall to the sheet where the spider attacks them after having passed rapidly through the sheet itself (Eberhard 1972; Barrantes & Weng 2006).
and eating its flesh produces a spiritual change in Mossy and Tangle,
The agency said the Chinese government issued a directive on July 2, ordering local quarantine authorities to check mercury levels in Japanese-grown tangle.
Furry nestled lion cubs turn into a furious tangle of chasing, pouncing, ear gnawing, and tail chomping.
com)-- A simple yet effective new product designed to effectively address a common problem related to the use of weed eaters, the Tangle Preventer, has been developed by Frank Adams of Gray, Tennessee.
But we are seeing some individuals are immune to tangle formation.
The Tangle Tower by Jessica Elin Hirschman features impressive illustrations from Bonnie Bright and is an unique and entertaining story of what happens to a young woman who perpetually postpones brushing her tangled hair.
Furthermore, the high-flow velocity and resultant high Reynolds number (105) produced greater bulk turbulence to further tangle the film after entrapment.