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tamper with (something)

To make harmful or subversive alterations to something; to meddle or interfere with something. Investigators concluded that someone had tampered with the control unit of the machine. He's been accused of tampering with the committee tasked with selecting successful applicants. The locks have not been tampered with and there is no sign of a break-in anywhere on the premises.
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tamper with someone or something

to fiddle with someone or something; to meddle with someone or something. I've got him believing just what I want him to believe. Don't tamper with him. Please don't tamper with the thermostat.
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tamper with

1. Interfere or meddle, especially in a harmful way. For example, If you tamper with that lock it's sure to break. [c. 1600]
2. Engage in improper or secret dealings, as in He was accused of tampering with the jury. [c. 1600]
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tamper with

To interfere with something in a harmful manner: Someone has been tampering with my mail—these letters have been opened! When jurors reported that they had been offered bribes, the judge told the defense not to tamper with the jury.
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Bottles, on the other hand, are not inherently tamper evident, but a number of safety solutions help them become a tamper-evident solution.
The pipe pictured here, for which you might need your tampers, is made of carved meerschaum - a word that translates literally as 'sea foam', although the mineral concerned is actually a magnesium silicate called sepiolite.
In order to encrypt the fingerprint or hash, the creator of the tamper seal uses a certificate.
Although marketing efforts have just begun, Willis said developers of HIS tamper conversion kits are enthusiastic about the reception of the new product.
Our goal is to present digital signature method with pixel-wise tamper localization ability, capable to resist blur/sharpen procedures, as usually image blurring or sharpening does not influence essence of the image.
Further, as part of its ongoing research into tamper evidence, Natick conducted a field test of self-adhesive labels on shipping cases.
Proper inspection can help ensure that the package is working properly, but can a product ever be completely tamper proof?
3, his action will be interpreted as an attempt to tamper with the ball.
Etiquette Packaging Systems have supplied a custom built tamper evident label applicator for Novartisi Ovaltine drink.
A Graham RF120W sleeving machine applies tamper evident bands to the lids of 103mm dia tubs.
Gul had earlier said that he had seen Anderson tamper with the ball during the Pakistan-England Test series in England last year, while Broad during the Ashes series.
The closures also feature a slitted tamper band for easy opening, with the bore seal helping to prevent leakages.