tamp down

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tamp something down

to pat or pack something down. Tamp the soil down over the seeds after you plant them. Please tamp down the soil firmly.
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Raising rates is necessary to tamp down undue price rises.
The purchases by China, the world's second-largest corn consumer after the United States, come at a time when Beijing has been selling reserves to tamp down rising prices.
But she warned that, eventually, troops would also be needed to tamp down the insurgency in other parts of the country.
lt;p>The project using Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) was initially expected to cost $300 million over five years, but it's saving the company money by allowing it to tamp down data center growth and avoid capital equipment outlays, said Christopher Crowhurst, vice president of architecture at the Thomson Reuters Professional Division in New York.
Fill the hole to a level slightly above the surrounding asphalt, then tamp down the new asphalt to a level surface.
They're so easy to handle; just tip the contents into the hole, tamp down and add water.
If desired, use the teaspoon to tamp down the coffee--not that there's any reason to, but it feels good.
At the launch, however, organizers couldn't tamp down every bit of feistiness.
At the consumer level, higher unemployment and reduced household wealth could tamp down demand.
Raising interest rates, it said, will do little to tamp down supply-side inflationary pressure, which must be attacked by rapid investment to boost capacity.
These election results were the most crucial since MilosevicYs overthrow in 2000, because they were meant to reveal if the temptation of an EU accession would tamp down the anger triggered by the WestYs support to KosovoYs unilateral declaration of independence.
However, global saturation, including many emerging markets, will tamp down the achievable growth rates for the foreseeable future.
In spite of growing public opposition to the war, the president boosted troop levels in Iraq by 30,000 in an effort to restore security to Baghdad and tamp down the insurgency in Sunni strongholds such as Anbar province.
In Friday prayers throughout the country on June 15, Shi'ite and Sunni imams generally continued to try to tamp down passions.
Leary and co-writer Peter Tolan tamp down that misstep adroitly enough and move on to new provocations, such as Lou's (John Scurti) blasphemously torrid relationship with a soon-to-be-ex-nun and the aftermath of Jerry's (Jack McGee) heart attack.