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tamp down

1. To pat, press, or pack some loose substance down. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tamp" and "down." He tamped down the tobacco into his pipe and lit it with a match. Don't tamp the soil down too hard, or the seeds won't have space to grow.
2. To lower or dampen something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tamp" and "down." The analyst is recommending that investors tamp down their expectations for the economy's performance. I don't want to tamp his hopes down, but I don't want him to end up disappointed, either.
3. To suppress or demoralize someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tamp" and "down." My ex-husband was always trying to tamp me down so that I would think I didn't deserve anything better in life. There will always be bullies who tamp you down for being different.
4. To limit, manage, or moderate someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tamp" and "down." My doctor prescribed some medication to tamp me down when my mood swings become too erratic. Whenever I get really stressed out or angry because of work, I always listen to classical music to help tamp me down.
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tamp something down

to pat or pack something down. Tamp the soil down over the seeds after you plant them. Please tamp down the soil firmly.
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n. a tampon. You need a tamp, honey?
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Middlesbrough Council says TAMP will deliver "an industry-leading technical cluster of manufacturing businesses in a modern, landscaped lay-out, with the possibility of a second phase delivering a further 80,000sq ft of premium accommodation".
"The reports from the crews using Ergo Tamp have been positive with a noticeable vibration reduction to their wrists, elbows and shoulders," McMullen said.
Instead of addressing these disparate needs separately, the three firms decided to "wrap a bundle around the three of us that allows us to go into opportunities together working with TAMPs and in a rapid manner put together a customized solution."
ECHO is not available to service members once they have left their active duty status behind--unless, that is, they are eligible for the Transitional Assistance Management Program, or TAMP.
Clark Capital has $1.75 billion in assets under management in its TAMP program, and $1.55 billion more in assets to which it acts as an asset manager.
Since the posts are just tamped in place, you can adjust them as much as you want, so get fussy.
Otherwise, the tag is applied and the tamp begins the return to home.
As a pallet approaches the system, a tamp assembly--with a label on the tamp pad--is extended.
Tharo Systems' PAl2001DT Dual Tamp Label Printer/Applicator can print and apply labels to two adjacent carton/ product surfaces: Front and side.
Capable of printing and applying labels to two adjacent carton or product surfaces, the PA1200DT dual tamp label printer/applicator can be configured to apply labels to front and side, front and top or front only.
TAM Portfolios, LLC (TAMP), is a third party money management firm, specializing in systematically tactical, risk-controlled portfolios primarily offered through discretionary separately managed accounts (SMA's), UMA's and TAMPs.
Councillor Nicky Walker, Middlesbrough Executive member for finance and governance, said: "The TAMP is a regeneration project of regional and national significance, and we are constantly looking to enhance its scope and potential.
For advisors who seek investment management support and are looking to transition directly to an alternate Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP), Folio Institutional said it can recommend several TAMP partners already resident on the Folio Institutional platform.