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tally on

obsolete In sailing, to take hold of and pull on a rope. Usually issued as an order. Tally on, men! Hold fast the main braces!
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tally up

To calculate the sum of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tally" and "up." After we tally up all relevant fees and taxes, your final bill comes to $475.50. We'll have to wait until they tally every vote up before we'll know the winner.
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tally with (something)

To match, agree with, or correspond to something else. Your numbers for last month's profit and loss report don't tally with the figures I'm getting. Her account of the events doesn't tally with the phone company's record of his cell phone usage on that night.
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tally something up

to add something up. Please tally everything up and tell me the total. Let's tally up everything and ask for donations.
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tally with something

1. Lit. [for one set of figures] to match another set of figures. Your figures don't tally with mine. Let's add them up again. The total Sam got didn't tally with what the tax agent had come up with.
2. Fig. [for one thing] to agree or correlate with another. What you just said doesn't tally with what you told me before. His story doesn't tally with what I already know.
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tally up

To calculate something, especially by addition: The waiter tallied up our bill at the end of the meal. The election officials tallied the votes up and announced the winner.
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The Galbally man has carved out an impressive reputation as manager of the St Mary's University Sigerson cup sides, which is how his relationship with McIver developed when the former Ballinderry boss came in as a selector under Tally last year.
IT MAY be premature to talk about India doing extremely well in the Commonwealth Games and being placed second in the medals tally. The medals we have won till now from a variety of disciplines like shooting, wrestling and weightlifting were on predictable lines.
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