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Tallness probably means better seed dispersal by wind (especially as tall eucalypts produce smaller seeds), which could lead to better colonisation ability in tall species .
James, fourteen years Peggy's junior, is equally memorable: a sad, gentle boy who grows up to be a sad, gentle man, the fact of his tallness is eclipsed only by the greatness of his heart.
The trees have interlocked foliage and grown tall and straight because tallness is an advantage in dense crowds of pines.
For instance, among the primary characteristics the more highly valued traits tend to be: the ages of 25-45, Caucasian race, Anglo-Saxon heritage, male sex, able bodied and attractive physique, tallness, physical fitness, and heterosexual orientation.
McRae's profound tallness (6-foot-7) and inconceivably large feet (size 15 tennis shoe) are graphically accentuated as he seems to soar over the rest of the field.
The cost of tallness would be largely reduced," he says.
The poem's tallness and narrowness produce a sense of quickly falling through the poem.
tallness is associated with the 19th-century pioneer and cowboy spirit that was based upon physical strength and domination, as well as independent self-reliance.
He is saying that women like tall men because tallness is a product if the evolutionary advantage held by our ancestors who began standing upright to fight.
It is not as being Simmias, he insists, that Simmias is taller than Socrates, but rather in virtue of the tallness that Simmias has.
Anthropo measures of male and female examinees Values (cm) Symbol and name of anthropometric measure Female Male A Body tallness 160,0 200,0 G Arm length (from the back contour) 68,9 98,5 H Length of forearm with hand 41,8 54,3 K Body thickness (chest) 24,2 25,1 M Sitting height 81,5 100,4 N Eyesight height (sitting) 70,9 89,4 O Shoulder height (sitting) 52,3 66,3 P Elbow height (sitting) 20,9 25,1 R Distance from knee to back 54,3 69,3 S Sitting length of thighs 44,8 54,3 T Sitting height above floor 41,8 53,3 U Height of thigh (sitting) 13,6 15,1 X Foot width 8,8 11,0 Y Hand length 16,9 23,2
To the tall woman's mind, this "tall dancer" performed her tallness without apology or meekness and so she had come backstage to tell that dancer how inspiring and healing her performance was.
10) The simultaneous predication of tallness and shortness to Simmias at Phd 102d is clearly restricted to perception.
While many British youngsters become preoccupied with their weight, desperate to attain model-like slimness, Chinese youth regard tallness as the aesthetic ideal.
Others have criticized the lack of shadows in cloudy weather, but then the tallness and greyness of the space has appropriate, dignified and visually uplifting melancholy.