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grinning, tallish, gangly, elbows akimbo eventually her dreams come
The Czech-made ix20 handles well in city and on motorway, and despite its tallish architecture, there wasn''t too much lurch or lean in corners or through S-bends.
They are tallish and slender, but the real kicker is their "lazy-susan" type interior.
I'm tallish, size 14-ish, size 36D breasts, long browny-blonde hair.
The description given, tallish, slim, with longish hair, is that of Bottler Bill.
Saturday, May 2, I was sitting on a bench in front of a takeout place on Manhattan's Upper East Side, enjoying a morning coffee, when a tallish, lean man walked spryly into view.
tallish, raggedy tree, of the hints of a brolly beside a sort of
A tallish girl in pink T-shirt is carefully brushing away a few stray hairs on his right, while to the left a smaller boy in green plaid ponders the locks he's about to snip.
So they contact the broker with an explicit list of desired traits: They want a college-educated donor, of course, since both Ward and June value education; they want a tall donor, since their families are on the tallish side; and they'd like someone with June's wavy auburn hair and Ward's blue-green eyes.
At 5-foot-6, I have a "short complex." My parents, relatives and friends tell me I'm "tallish," but not tall.
The tallish profile makes it easy to use the rear doors; two adults can comfortably sit in the back.
A tallish man in his mid-thirties, with a long head topped with thinning hair, he had excellent teeth, revealed frequently in a blazing grin; but from the middle of his nose up, he wore an expression of extreme anxiety, his brows furrowed, his eyes filled with concern.
I was a tallish, pale, delicate-looking boy; shy and sensitive, and I hope gentle-mannered; disliking loud noises and violent words; hating the brutality and cruelty of the big boys on the school-ground, and dreading to see, at the Smedley farm, a calf or pig or even a chicken killed.
The SC1 sits on the top enclosed shelf of a nifty and tallish Sauder TV stand (its height and width allow the unit to shoehorn into position with near perfection), with a Rane THX-22 equalizer (reviewed by me in issue 83) on the shelf below.
The University of Munich's John Komlos (5-5), says much of our continuing height differential with other industrialized societies can be attributed to the relative economic inequity of the United States compared to our tallish European brethren.