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Within the next two years, the Burj Dubai is set to be completed at over 800 metres in height, some 300 meters taller than the world's current tallest, Taipei 101.
Projects in the pipeline for 2008 include a part in heist movie ShortFellas, starring Hollywood star Warwick Davis in one of the lead roles, a detective movie with diminutive Mini Me actor Verne Troyer and a job narrating a documentary about the tallest man ever.
The median wage of the tallest quarter of the male population is 13 percent higher than that of the shortest 25 percent in Britain and the United States.
Wednesbury hope to be confirmed as world record holders before a day of celebration at the ground on Sunday May 4 where they will be running a number of competitions including kicking contests for seniors and under-16s over the world's tallest posts.
Finally, Think, a team including Frederic Schwartz, Rafael Vinoly, Shigeru Ban and landscape architect Ken Smith, submitted three different proposals: a 16-acre inclined rooftop Sky Park over a retail concourse, a hotel, offices and a transportation centre; the Great Room, a glass-enclosed public plaza, with the footprints protected by glass cylinders, and next to it the tallest building in the world; and the World Cultural Center, featuring two open latticework towers that would contain within them at different levels distinctly separate buildings designed by various architects to house the performing arts, a conference centre and an open amphitheatre.
Pakistan's Alam Channa, who at 232 cm in height won a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's tallest living person, died this month at age 45.
shipments of the World's Tallest Roses from OrganicBouquet.
The world's tallest hotel - the Gevora - will open on Shaikh Zayed Road this week.
Mean Streak" can no longer claim to be the tallest roller coaster in the world but it does (http://www.
At its total height, the tower -- called Philippine Diamond Tower -- would be the country's tallest structure and the second tallest self-supported tower in the world behind the Tokyo Skytree, which measures 624 metres in height, and ahead of the Canton Tower in Guangzhou (600 metres) and the CN Tower in Toronto (553 metres).
GUIDES are laying claim to having the tallest living Christmas tree in the UK.
NEW YORK -- Manhattan-based design Arm MJM+A Architects recently unveiled designs for the Hudson Spire, set to be the tallest structure in North America and third-tallest in the world.
Just one block away from the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa, which was constructed by Arabtec Construction, the tower will be one of Dubai's top 10 tallest buildings and the second tallest tower in its central business district.
Much ink has been spilled praising the grandeur of Manhattan's skyline over the years, but competition from around the world is rendering our tallest buildings less and less impressive every day.
Summary: Work on the main structure of the world's second tallest skyscraper was completed on Saturday, .