tall timber

tall timber(s)

some remote place in the country or the woods. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number. You're not going to move me out into the tall timber somewhere!
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"It's head for tall timber, and the Greeks take the hindermost," adjudged the cheerful sailor, while Ole was stuttering over what would happen when we came to the end of the river.
Malaise traps were set up in Tall Timber Research Station in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA, between 1993 and 1994 (30.649850[degrees]N, 84.225942[degrees]W).
Although fire-shy policies have kept tall timber at bay in the Big Apple, an ongoing review of the city's building code could allow more high-density wood projects as soon as 2020.
Allen and Charles Turner purchased the Heart's Journey property at 9621 Tall Timber Blvd.
We picked up the pup in mid-August from Steve Waller of Tall Timber Pudelpointers and training progressed nicely.
>> Eat/Sleep: In Pittsburg, Tall Timber Lodge on Back Lake, hosting guests since 1946, offers a choice of rustic log cabins or luxury cottages, plus excellent dining at the Rainbow Grille & Tavern.
"We're used to tall timber and steep territory," he said.
At 35 storeys, the wooden tower his team is proposing would have to be approved as an exception to Paris's existing height limits for wood structures, but he hopes winning the bid could be the "Eiffel-Tower moment" for the acceptance of tall timber buildings he has been advocating.
''The main fuel that is burning is the tall timber. We're making some progress, but it is slow going in some areas as we're trying to construct more contingency and control lines.''
Tall Timber Ranch, 27875 White River Road, Leavenworth; cost not listed for sign.
Tall timber gates guard the approach to Wadborough Hall, opening onto a broad Cotswold stone drive with clipped box hedging and colourful borders.
Charteris' frame takes rugby back to the early 90s when Wales wheeled out Derwyn Jones and England had their tall timber in Martin Bayfield to secure set-piece ball.
Just use Tall Timber Universal One-Mix oil ($7.75 for six bottles).
This is protected from the street by the tall timber screen (as high as the building), its slim vertical slats softening and diffusing the other wise stark concrete perimeter.